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Friday, July 6, 2012

On Pins & Needles…….

Today we decided to make a loop tour of the Crazy Horse Memorial, then on to Hill City to check out a quilt store, then following the scenic Needles Highway and finally back to the RV.

map with symbols

You can see the smiley face in the center bottom of the map above.  It is where our campground is.  (Don’t forget, you can double click the map to enlarge it.) Then we went north on Hwy. 385 to the Crazy Horse Memorial.


This memorial was started about 1948.  The face was finally unveiled in 1996.  The hole is for the outstretched arm and the white lines represent part of the horses head.  Carol’s blog will most likely have more pictures of this memorial.

I’m not much into the Indian culture but I am amazed that they can use dynamite and other explosives to actually sculpt the mountain.  That is really something – just think, one wrong drill hole and your entire sculpture could be ruined.

While the original sculptor passed on in 1986, his wife and children are continuing the work today.

From Crazy Horse, we continued north to Hill City (Just off the top of the map) to look for a quilt store.  Unfortunately after driving all through the city we  discovered that the store closed this past May.

From Hill City we doubled back south to Hwy. 87, the Needles Highway.  This is a very scenic drive and I really recommend it to you if you are ever in the area.


Our weather was not the greatest for picture taking as the clouds were moving in and it did rain on us part way through the drive.  The above picture shows some of the needles along the drive.


I found the above rock to be really interesting.  It looks like it could fall over at any time.  I sure don’t want to be on the road below when it does!


Here is a picture of the needles near Cathedral Spire.


And here is a brave soul climbing the tallest spire in the area.  I would estimate that he is about 600 feet up from the ground.

Once off the needles highway, we intercepted Hwy 16 and returned to our RV.  This drive is a windy twisty and slow going route, but very scenic.  There are three one lane tunnels along the route that are only about 8 feet wide and 12 feet tall.  As we came down from the last tunnel, we saw two large tour busses going up and since there is no way for them to fit in the tunnel, nor is there much space to turn around, it might be really interesting to see what they did when they got to the tunnel.

I made a 3 minute video of today’s excursion that includes some video as we were driving on this very scenic route.

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Judy and Emma said...

Did you inhale deeply as you went through those tunnels? I would have. :)