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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Jewel of a Cave


This morning Carol and I took a short 20 minute tour of Jewel Cave National Monument.


The cave has over 162 miles of charted tunnels and they estimate that only 2% has so far been charted!


Here are some pictures from the displays in the visitors center of what kinds of formations are in the cave.



The cave is 220 feet below the visitor center and fortunately, they built elevators to take you into the cave.


Looking up onto the cave roof in the dim lighting, you can see various colors from the formations


This room that we were in is about 150 feet square but really goes down farther than I could see.  They have installed ladders and stairs for some of the areas reachable by tour.


Another picture showing the different formations on the walls.  There are actually entrances to two tunnels in this picture.


While they do charge for the various tours (Simple, medium, and difficult), the National Park senior pass gets you a discount on the costs and for us, it made the simple 20 minute tour free!

Here is a short video of the actual tour.



One of the better looking weeds in the area of the cave historical area.

We went over to Mt. Rushmore again this evening to see the light show with Judy & Everett, the fellow bloggers we met on Tuesday.  We got there in plenty of time and got all setup and ready to watch the show.  But then a thunderstorm came over and dumped rain so we aborted midway through the show and came back to the RV.  On the ride home, nature put on quite a light show in the sky for us, so we did get to see a light show, just not the one we were planning on!

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