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Friday, July 13, 2012

Give them the Boot!

This morning we decided to do a walking tour of downtown Cheyenne and view the old buildings.  Carol had a booklet with the map and description of what we were looking for.  But unfortunately, the  map was for the old buildings, many of which have been replaced with newer structures.  So the tour really didn’t make a lot of sense.

Map of progress of Transcontintel Railroad

We started in the Cheyenne train station which has a map made out of the floor tiles of the progress building the transcontinental railroad.  You can see the map in the very short video above.

2012-07-13 09.51.36

All over the downtown there are a series of large boot sculptures that are all painted up.  I am not sure what they are celebrating with them but they are interesting.

2012-07-13 09.52.162012-07-13 10.01.522012-07-13 10.06.082012-07-13 10.56.09

They also have a trolley that runs a route downtown that you can get on and off of to view various sites.  We elected to walk as we have not been getting much exercise due to the heat.

2012-07-13 10.00.50

The temperature was already 84 at 9:45 so we knew it would be a warm day.  After about 45 minutes on our walking tour, we got back in the car and went up near the state capitol and walked there and also visited the Wyoming State Museum which is free.

On the way home we stopped for lunch and then back to the RV to get in where it is cool.  (the temp was 92 at 1:30).

Tomorrow we leave for Rawlins, about 156 miles away.  Originally we were going to stay one more day here and then drive to Evanston, a distance of 366 miles.  But we decided to break that long travel day into two day and make the interim stop at Rawlins.


Russ Krecklow said...

Could be Paul Bunyon stayed there for awhile and tried on a few cowboy boots, but couldn't find a pair he liked, so he went on to the Redwoods of California.

Donna K said...

Glad you're making that trip in two days. 366 miles is a LONG travel day. Enjoyed the pictures of all the boots.

meowmomma said...

Well... boots are definitely different than buffalo!