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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The gift of those who deaths we celebrated on Memorial Day

Today is July 4th and we celebrate it as Independence Day—a day to celebrate the liberty bought for us with the sacrifices of veterans, some whom paid the maximum price.  We were very fortunate that we were able to visit Mt. Rushmore this July 4th.

But before we go there, to bring you up to date since we didn’t post yesterday…..

We left our campground in Piedmont, SD and headed to Custer Gulch Campground, just outside of Custer, SD.  It was only a 67 mile drive and there was no weather or traffic or construction to contend with so it went quickly.  Once we arrived and got all setup, we relaxed for the rest of the day waiting to hear from some fellow bloggers.

Carol had texted a message to “Meowmomma", another RV blogger, who was going to be in this neck of the woods the same time we are.  She had agreed to text them when we arrived so that we could get together.  Unfortunately, Meowmomma (herinafter called Judy) had not looked at her phone for several hours and did not see the message for awhile.

But all worked out well in the end.  Judy and husband Everett came to visit us in our RV and then we all went out to dinner.  No doubt, Carol will have more details and the pictures.  But we had a good time with them as they are really nice folks.

Then today we decided to get up early to avoid the crowds and try to beat them to Mt. Rushmore.  On the way to the monument we came to a turnout that had a great view of Washington’s profile



We drove a mile or so more and came to the park.  Entry is free, but parking is $11 for an annual pass.

I need to break in here and tell you about my “angels.”  I have several angels….most notably a “parking angel” that I have named “Angelo.”  Angelo’s job, and he does it very well, is to always get me great parking places.  As an example, today, we went into the parking garages at Mt. Rushmore and found a spot that was just a few steps from the entrance.  Angelo is always doing this for me….at malls, stadiums, wherever.


The avenue of the flags has one flag for each state in alphabetical order.


A great view from the grand terrace.


We took the walk to the base of the mountain.


As you take that walk, your perspective changes and you get different views of the presidents.  Here TR and Jefferson are not visible.

You can view my almost 3 minute video of our visit below:

Mt Rushmore National Mounument

After we left the monument we drove through parts of Custer State Park.  The entry fee for an annual pass is $28 but Meowmomma and her hubby (meowpapa???) gave us a discount coupon for half price entry (thanks meowers).


We did see some buffalo on the drive.

When we got back to the RV it was time to tackle a repair.  Our hot water system has been acting up and the emergency light would come on quite often.  This meant that the tank sensor to detect when the water was hot enough and to shut down the heating process was failing.  So the emergency sensor (set 20 or so degrees higher) would eventually shut down the system.

2012-07-04 14.29.59

The Tstat is the normal sensor and the ECO is the emergency one.

Fortunately, while at our last campground, they had an excellent RV store and I bought a new set of sensors there.  I was just waiting for a time when it was cool enough outside and the hot water tank was cool enough to work on.  Today, the temp was about 82 and that part of the RV was in the shade.  It took about 20 minutes to make the repair and now all seems to be well.  I’ll wait a few days before I declare it a total success.

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