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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another episode of Buffalo Dave and Calamity Carol

Here we are again back in the wild, wild, West.  OK, so it’s actually pretty tame here.  Today we took a long drive through the Wildlife loop of Custer State Park.  We had a picnic lunch after the loop and just before leaving the park.

We started with a really nice scenic overlook with a covered patio type setting.  Calamity, I mean Carol, says this would be a great porch.


And the view from the porch isn’t too shabby either!


You can also see many radio masts on top of one of the hills along with a fire watching station.


As we drove onto the loop, we came across two deer crossing the road right in front of us.


Later we spotted our first of six Pronghorn Antelope.


Here is a great picture of the prairie grasslands in this part of the park.


In one section, there were about 25 burros that were extremely tame.  They would come up to your car and expect food from you.  There were signs telling you not to feed the wildlife so we didn’t, but many people went ahead anyway.


We stopped at a small visitor center which didn’t really have much but the volunteer lady running it told us if we wanted to see some buffalo, to take this gravel road and keep turning left.  We should see some buffalo and end up right back at the center.  Well, we saw two isolated buffalo! 


We did however also catch two Pronghorn Antelope foraging out on the prairie.


Later we came up on a bison just walking alongside the road as we drove by.  He didn’t even acknowledge our existence.


We also came across a burro that appears to have lost his way from his herd.


Right at the end of the loop drive, we came upon two large herds of bison.


After our ride in the park, we stopped at the Gordon Stockade.  The party that built this did so in violation of an Indian treaty.  The Calvary chased them off the Indian land but they kept coming back to this stockade.  Finally the troops refused to protect them.


There were 7 structures inside the stockade.  Some had fireplaces in them and others looked to be work areas.


The view of the lake outside of the stockade with the clouds in the sky was really pretty!


Tonight we are planning on having dinner with blogger friends Judy and Everett before we go our separate ways on Tuesday.

You can watch a brief video of today’s excursion below….

Wildlife Loop at Custer State Park

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Donna K said...

That's a whole lotta buffalo. I know you shouldn't feed the wildlife but I would find it hard to resist slipping a carrot to those burros. The pronghorns were just beautiful. So glad you two are having such a great time.