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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A trip back through time…..

Today we got up early and took the car to visit the site of Little Big Horn Battle where General Custer and about 300 members of the 7th Calvary fought 5000 plus members of the Lakota Indian tribe and other aligned tribes.


As you arrive in the parking lot you can easily see the burial sites of  veterans.  (not those from the battle, but from later wars)

Custer split his forces several times to try to flank the Indians.  One group, under Major Reno, was able to partly escape.  None of the others survived.


A view of the area that gives you some idea of the terrain on which the battle was fought.  The sky is very smoky due to all the wildfires.


A view looking up the hill where the remaining soldiers and officers, including Gen. Custer fell.


A marker at the spot where his body was recovered.  It was first buried onsite with all those who fell that day.  Later, the remains of the officers were moved to various locations around the country.  General Custer’s remains were re-interred at West Point.


The memorial to the approximately 65 Indian warriors who fell that day.


The memorial listing all those who died on the U.S. side of the battle.  I made a short (3 minute) video of our visit.  You can click on it below to view.  There is no sound with it.

Little Big Horn Battle Field.

Every year on June 25th, they have a re-enactment of the battle.  Of course, we visited on June 27th!  Argghhh!!!

After returning to the RV and getting everything ready to depart, we left at 10:15.  There was no wind today and the temps were in the 80s which was much nicer.  Unfortunately, for all but the last 50 miles or so, the sky was covered in smoke from the wildfires.

We are now in Sundance, WY and will stay here two nights.  Tomorrow we will visit Devils Tower national monument.  It is about 30 miles each way from here.  Hope to have more video & pics to share.


Judy and Emma said...

I'm glad the site includes a memorial to the Native Americans. I'm not proud of the white man's involvement in that period of history. :(

Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Dave. Hope the sun stays out for you.

Donna K said...

Nice job on the video and history lesson. That's quite a memorial.

It's really too bad about the fires.