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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

That Dear Came With Me to Hardin, MT

2012-06-26 15.41.52

That “dear” who was with me at Deer Lodge, MT made it to Hardin, MT with me today!  The above picture is of the campground from the inside window of the RV.  Carol is just getting ready to leave on a local exploration trip of the town.

The camp ground is not the most scenic or the best developed, but it has all we need for a night’s stay.  50 amp power, Wi-Fi, good satellite, water, sewer, and a reasonably level site.  My leveling jacks can adjust for most sites.  The 50 amp power is a must because it is unseasonably hot today – over 106.  But there is only 7% humidity which helps and tomorrow the high is a more normal 84 which will be even better.

The drive from Deer Lodge to here is 251 miles.  We left at 8:25 and arrived at 3:15 after several stops including lunch.  It is so nice to pull into a rest area, fire up the generator, and then turn the AC units on.  They cool the rv down very quickly.

It was a very windy drive.  Winds were between 30-40 mph with gusts over 50 at times.  Unfortunately, most of the time, they were a direct cross wind.  With the large slab side RV, I often had to quickly slow down.   When the wind would gust, it would push me into the other lane if I wasn’t ready for it.  We often were travelling between 50 and 55 mph when I normally go 65 on the interstate if the road was in good condition.  The winds were worst in Livingston and for that 25 miles or so, we were down to 45 and slower just to keep on the road.  Thankfully this Bounder has the large tires and that helped a lot.  Our old Bounder would have just made unexpected full lane changes in this wind.

Tomorrow the wind is supposed to abate down to about 10-15mph or so.  We plan to get up early and go 15 miles to the Valley of the Little Big Horn and see the battle site.  Apparently there is a drivable 5 mile road through the battle site you can go on.  The RV Park has some of the trail narration CDs and they loan them out to guests to go to the trail.  So we have one and will get up early tomorrow and give it a try.

Apparently it is no place for a hike though as it is infested with rattlesnakes!  Maybe I can get a picture of them!

Last night I was thinking of staying up and checking out the stars.  But since we were on the western edge of the Mountain time zone, the sunset was quite late and I was too tired.  Now that we are closer to the eastern edge of that zone, maybe I can do it tonight if it is not too windy.

Tomorrow after visiting Little Big Horn, we will drive 250 miles to Sundance, WY.  We will stay there two nights and visit Devil’s Tower on Thursday.  It was featured in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and should be interesting to see.  Also, that is when the Supremes are supposed to rule on Obama Care so by staying put, we can let our DVR record the news and we can watch it later.

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