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Friday, June 29, 2012

So what state are we in, anyway?

Nope, it is not the state of confusion…..we are in South Dakota!  Specifically in Piedmont, just northwest of Rapid City.  Or to put it another way, 1262.5 miles from home.

We left Sundance this morning at 9:25.  After about 17 miles East on I-90 we crossed from Wyoming into South Dakota.  Stopped at the Wal-Mart in Spearfish so Carol could stock up on some items for the RV and one of her sewing projects.  While she was shopping, I stayed in the RV with the generator and AC on.

Then we arrived at High Plains Campground right behind Jack’s Campers.  It is about 14 miles from Rapid City.  It is hot here, temp in the mid 90s.  We will be here 4 nights and all that time the temperature is going to be in the 90s.  So our two air conditioners will get a real workout.

We gassed the car up before leaving Sundance and the station had their prices on the sign below.

gas prices

I think we now know who was confused!

Tomorrow we are planning to go out east to Wall, SD, and to a sod house from the frontier days.  We will also plan to visit Ellsworth AFB and their Minuteman Missile Museum.


Russ Krecklow said...

South Dakota, huh? You have gone a long way in a short time. Hope you're doing o.k. Take it a little easier on yourselves. Enjoy.

Donna K said...

Stay hydrated! We north-westerners are not used to such heat.