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Monday, June 25, 2012

Are there any Deer at Deer Lodge, MT???

The short answer is NO, I haven’t seen any!  Of course, I did bring a “dear” with me, but she wasn’t here earlier.

We left Post Falls at 8:30 under mostly sunny skies.  Lots of little puffy clouds, but no real concentrations.  We arrived at about 3:45 local time but since we traversed a time zone boundary, it was 2:45 pacific. 

Just after leaving one of the rest areas, a state trooper when racing by with lights and siren.  I was doing about 65 and he must have been close to or over 100mph. There was an accident along the way up the road which happened a few minutes before we got there.  The traffic was totally stopped on the road and we could see the flashing lights about a half mile up the road.

After about a 15 minute delay, one lane was opened and we slowly passed the wreck.  Seems a mini-van towing a travel trailer had jack-knifed and flipped the trailer and the van.  A patrol helicopter landed at the accident site which is probably why the freeway was closed.  Carol will probably have some pictures of this.

About half a mile down from the accident there was another major accident.  This time a car appeared to lose control and flip several times.  There were bystanders trying to get into the crushed car and a state trooper had just arrived as we went passed.

Carol’s theory (and I agree with her) is that the car in the second accident may have caused the first accident by pulling in front of the mini-van causing the driver to brake hard.  Since the trailer probably had more weight than the van, it took control and flipped.

It is quite warm here (unseasonably so according to the campground staff) but our air conditioners are working well.

2012-06-25 16.45.11

Above is a picture looking out our front window.  (At Donna K’s request, I did not take any pictures while driving!)  We are sitting at 4,389 feet altitude and the air is very clear.  Maybe tonight might be a good night to check out the stars.

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Donna K said...

Glad to hear you're letting Carol take the "on the road" pictures!! Send some of that sunshine back here please - we're about to drown!

That was a very nice thing to say about your dear wife.