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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Nice Walk on the Beach

We have had some very rainy weather the last few days of our trip so any plans for outside exercise didn’t happen.  On Sunday, there was a nice break late in the day so we went for a walk on the beach.  It was mid-tide so there was plenty of room to walk.  We walked towards the North Head lighthouse.


North Head Lighthouse

All along the beach there was tons of driftwood.  This has been accumulating over the years and it is really stacking up the entire length of the beach (About 1 mile or so).


Driftwood on the beach


More driftwood

As we walked along, we came across some really interesting items including this totally mangled boat below.  It looks like a small boat, perhaps from another ship.  There is not a lot of growth on it so no telling how long it was actually in the water.


The Tsunami in Japan was 15 months ago and, according to local reports, items have started washing up on shore here in Washington and Oregon.  Strange things have been found and maybe this boat is one.

Somehow this tree trunk washed up on shore in a vertical position.  Not sure how that could have happened.  This gull has obviously made it his perch for now.  Maybe he’s playing Kink of the Trunk with the other gulls?


I’m King of the Trunk!

As we approached the cliff by the lighthouse and interesting tree caught my eye.  The picture below is looking about 100 feet up the side of the cliff which is made of rock.  This tree, about 60-70 feet tall is growing out of the side of the cliff face and the roots are just going along the surface of the rock up the side of the cliff.  The tree is very precariously perched there and looks like if could fall any moment.


Precarious Tree

As we turned around at the face of the cliff, two buoys washed up in the surf.  I used a stick to herd them out of the water and onto the beach.  These were made of metal and were fairly heavy and dirty with sea growth on them.  The one on the left looks like it broke away from something while the one on the right  may have just floated off.


Look what washed up as we walked by!

At the same time we discovered these, someone else not too far away came across a Japanese hard hat that was floating in the surf.  You can see that the top of the hat spent most of the time in the water as there is all kinds of sea growth on it.  The inside of the hat was totally clean!  I suspect this came from the tsunami too.


Now where did I leave my hat?

As we completed our walk on the beach, a  large car carrier was coming into the Columbia River.  The picture below is with a maximum zoom from my video camera.  We could not see it anywhere this clearly with the naked eye.



Of course it started to rain just as we got back to the RV, so our timing was great.

Monday was Carol’s birthday so we spent some time checking out internet locations to get our updates.  There is a pizza vendor in the park that is currently open on weekends and had free wi-fi.  Fortunately, he leaves it turned on when he is closed so we drove up and used that signal.

Then we spent the day driving up to Raymond, WA, about 50 miles north of the park.  Not much really there, but we explored their small downtown and then had lunch at the “Corner Café: which served surprisingly good food.  They also have free wi-fi so we used our Nooks on that.

Then last night we went to the Lost Roo for dinner.  Yes, they have good food and free wi-fi too!  They seem a little out of place in Long Beach since they have an Australian theme.  But it is a good place for a nice dinner.

Today we got up and broke camp.  Fortunately we dodged the local showers and was able to stay dry.  We had rain showers all the way home and it stopped raining about 5 minutes after we arrived.


Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Interesting walk on the beach. Happy Bday to Carol!

Sue and Doug said...

great finds on the beach, Dave!!..that tree is an interesting addition..straight up and perfect! in the heck does that happen?