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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Day and back to normal……

Yesterday I wrote about the great round of golf I shot and I wish I could write about today’s great round too.  Unfortunately, it was not as great.  It was a 90, only 5 strokes worse and that is still better than what I usually do here.  Normally I will have a good round (87-89) followed by a horrible one (97-105) so this was outside of that pattern for sure.  But after yesterday, I kept hoping for better.

The culprit really was two things.  I left about 6 putts less than a foot from the hole.  Just couldn’t give them enough push to get them there.  Also, I could not chip today.  Could not get the chips up in the air (OK, here goes, can’t resist….can’t get the chips up in the air so that they can fall where they may….).

Those two things really held me back plus the 2 lost golf balls and accompanying penalty strokes.  That was all it took.  But there are always more days to golf.

After getting back from golf and relaxing for a bit and catching up with Carol on her day, we went up to the clubhouse for dinner.  We try to do that once per visit so that we can take in the great view overlooking the 9th & 18th greens.

2012-05-26 17.58.59

Looking out the window as the shadows start getting longer really gives a great view.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Sisters and to the Wizard Falls fish hatchery.

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