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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wet & Wild

We came down to Cape Disappointment, near Long Beach, WA, on Monday.  It didn’t rain Monday and that made it a fairly easy drive down.  We are in one of our favorite camp sites, #1 at the park.

Unfortunately, the cell service here is poor.  We get no signal on our phones at all.  With my cell booster, we get a weak signal during the day, just enough to get a few emails or simple web sites.  So that means we have to go into town to get a decent Wi-Fi signal.

Tuesday we went looking at some possible real estate options in the area.  This is something we have been thinking of for some time, though it is not a pressing priority.  Ideally, we would like a lot that could have a few RV sites on it with full hookups and fenced in.  A small house would be nice too as long as there was no maintenance.  And of course, we don’t want to pay very much for it either. 

We checked out some sales in the north east side of town and only found one that was remotely worth considering.  Each day we will do a different sector.

We went to the Ilwaco library to use their internet and catch up on email and things.

We also stopped at the Napa Auto Parts store in town to pick up a switch for Carol’s hill topper on her bike.  The one that came with it shorted out and constantly activated the motor which is dangerous.  The new switch is much larger and rugged and should do the job. 

For grins, I took the old one apart and found that it was actually a small circuit board.  No wonder it failed.  When put under pressure of the switch, the board would bend and cause a short.  The new one should never have that problem. 

After seeing how the switch worked, I ordered one for my bike as it is only a matter of time till mine fails too.

Today (Wednesday) it was raining and windy all day.  So no outside walking or biking is possible.  We instead went to the library in Ocean Shores, about 15 miles away.   (The Ilwaco one is closed today).  We are going to cover the west side of the real estate market on our way back.

2012-04-24 11.24.02

Looks like somebody really likes bird houses!


Donna K said...

Glad to see you guys are out and about. Are you thinking about moving or just a vacation lot? Good luck with your search.

Sue and Doug said...

you will have your own RV park!..well, sort of anyway!..happy hunting!

Kiersten said...

Beach houses are the best!! I hope your search goes well!