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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roger Who?

It has been a few days since I last updated the blog.  Mainly because I don’t have any decent cell service here at the park so I can’t get on internet.  Normally we go to selected locations in the area that have free Wi-Fi.  We tried that Tuesday at McDonalds in Long Beach but their system was inoperative.  (They weren’t too concerned about it either which puts them on my “Do not go there” list.)

We have been using the local library but it is not open on several days so we make do.  One of the work arounds is to go down to the jetty with our cell phones.  There we get a 3 bar signal but it is only 1x and not 3g so it is very slow.

Yesterday we did get a bike ride in before the rains came.  All together it was only 6 miles but at least we got to use the bikes.

One of the problems I ran into late Wednesday was that I broke two keys (Ctrl & Func) on my keyboard somehow.  If you look in the lower left portion of the keyboard in the picture below, you will see the two key pegs from those keys.  Unfortunately, the keys can’t just be popped back on and instead require a whole new keyboard.  ($116 plus $50 to install).  That will happen next weekend hopefully when the part arrives.

2012-04-28 17.54.16

Carol has a birthday coming up this Monday and I wanted to surprise her.  I had told here that my ex-colleague Roger from where I used to work, who owns property here at the beach, would join us for lunch so we could pick his brain.

Instead it was our son Tim, daughter-in-law Kiersten, and granddaughter Sophie who drove down from Portland to surprise Carol.  And yes, she was totally surprised.

2012-04-28 12.59.33

granddaughter Sophie looking at a video game

They showed up at lunch and then we went to a park so Sophie could crawl around and burn up some energy.  Later we went for ice cream treats and then they headed back to Portland.  Fortunately the weather was dry while they were here.

We stopped off at the library to catch up on some internet for few minutes just before they closed and then came back to the RV.

About 4:30 or so we went for a walk around the park to get some exercise (Maybe we should have played on the ground more with Sophie!).  During the walk it started to drizzle and has morphed into a steady heavy drizzle now.

During the walk, we went to the beach to check out the access.  As you can see below, there is a lot of large driftwood that has come onto the beach.  Each storm brings more and more.

2012-04-28 16.57.59

Carol thought that the piece of driftwood below looks like some kind of animal laying on the sand.

2012-04-28 16.58.14

We also saw this rabbit about 20 feet away from us during the walk.  He didn’t seem to care that we were even there.

2012-04-28 17.13.09

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Sue and Doug said...

be sure to wish Carol a happy birthday for us!!..hope you all have a great day!