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Sunday, April 1, 2012

It is 4/1 and not raining!

OK, this is not an April Fool Joke.  While it was very windy and rained heavily at times during the night, we woke up to mostly sunny skies!  No joke!  Really!  Not kidding!  Not an April Fool joke either.  It really was mostly sunny!

2012-04-01 17.23.07

I drove over to Chimacum (24 miles round trip) and brought back some cinnamon rolls to heat up.  It is sort of a tradition that on Sunday mornings, if there are any rolls nearby, I go get them.  24 miles is just about the limit though.

After breakfast, we took a ride over to Port Townsend.  Only about 2 miles away as the crow flies.  Or maybe I should say only 2 miles away as the dolphin swims.  But about 19 miles by the shortest road.  We parked over at Point Hudson and walked the town.

2012-04-01 12.08.09

I’m not sure what the above bell tower is.  It looks like it could have been some kind of community alarm system, maybe for fires or other disasters.

There are a lot of old buildings in the town.  Carol’s blog entry from today (click here to view her blog entry) has pictures of the buildings.  Be sure to check them out.

2012-04-01 12.07.56

There were several sail boats out on the water including this ketch out on the bay.  This one appeared to be a tour boat as it was fairly loaded with people.

2012-04-01 12.24.18

Our timing was right as we walked out onto a pier.  We caught a small sail boat and the Port Townsend Ferry in the same picture.

2012-04-01 12.24.46

Here is a picture of the old ferry dock.  The new one is about 1/2 mile west of here.  You can see clouds beginning to form up over the mountains and moving our way.

2012-04-01 13.06.29

This is a picture that Carol also had but I could not resist including it here too.  It appears that the driver cut the turn too tightly and his right wheels went off the pavement into the ditch.  This happened sometime Friday night or Saturday morning as it was not there when we arrived Friday afternoon.

When we got back to the RV it did rain for about an hour or so.  We watched about an hour of a movie called “Paths of Glory” about a French colonel in WWI.  Carol lost interest in it so I will watch the rest later.

Then we had partial clearing.  I went outside and managed to catch this freighter leaving port.  My cell phone camera has a pretty poor zoom but it is what I had with me.

2012-04-01 17.23.34

Satellite Update: When the big cumulus storm clouds form and take over the sky, my satellite signal used to go from a strength of about 90 down to about 65 or worse.  That would cause the picture to “pixelate” and could make the shows unwatchable.  The new automatic dish gets signals in the high 90s and even some 100s and during the storm only goes down about 5 percent or so.  The slightly larger dish and the automatic accurate pointing makes a big difference and minimizes the “rain fade” of the signal.  So far it has held steady in 25-30 mph winds and strong rain.  The old one would fail in either of those conditions.  I’m pretty happy with it!


Russ Krecklow said...

Nice that you posted pictures of all that nice sunshine, Dave. Today, we got some here in Eugene. Thanks so much for sharing!

Donna K said...

Glad you got some sunshine. We sure enjoy it when it comes our way...seems like such a rare treat!!