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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bothell, WA

Sunday we made a day trip down to Poulsbo and Silverdale.  The weather was actually dry and fairly nice so we decided to go out on an adventure.  We had stayed at Poulsbo in 2009 so we were somewhat familiar with the area.

2012-04-02 14.12.59

Poulsbo is a pleasant little village bordering the Hood Canal.  We walked around town which really did not take very long – maybe 10 minutes if you count all the time we gawked in store windows.  While walking along the waterfront, we came across a small wedding party of a sailor and his girl exchanging vows overlooking the bay. 

While on our walk we ran across one of these old structures.  Some of you younger readers have probably never seen these.  Back in the olden days, they actually had phones in them and you could put money in them to make calls.  The phone was missing from this one however.

2012-04-02 14.26.22

On Monday it was very windy and rainy during the morning.  The wind gusts were over 50mph and they gave the RV a good rocking.  (Yes, the satellite dish did well and stayed on signal the whole time!).

By mid-afternoon the wind and rain had abated.  Carol drove into Port Hadlock for a grocery run while I stayed in the RV working on my football pregame conference notes for this year.  My first semi-pro game is on the 14th and as crew chief, I need to send out the discussion agenda for the pregame conference.  These usually take about 90 minutes and cover the key rules and mechanics for the game.  Since it is the first game, the review will definitely be needed!

We left Fort Flagler this morning shortly after 9am and stopped for gas in Port Hadlock.  Then down highway 3 and across the Tacoma Narrows bridge and on up to Bothell.

We are staying at Lake Pleasant RV Park  While this is a fairly nice park with paved sites, the staff isn’t a great example of customer relations.  They have an 8.5 mph speed limit here and accused us of going too fast.  Since we had been here before, I was actually watching the speedometer coming in and I know we were not speeding.  They also have free Wi-Fi – but only for 1 hour.  Thankfully our Verizon service works well here.

We went for a 48 minute walk up to the new Safeway store across the highway from the park.  It is an uphill walk that leads you right into a shopping center.  Most of the stores are vacant now as they just finished building it.

On the walk, you have the usual buttons to change the signal to cross the street.  The directions are printed on signs and go into great detail on how to do it.  I’ve never seen it detailed to this level.

2012-04-04 14.54.41

I’m wondering if the RV park staff designed the sign?


Russ Krecklow said...

We always have so much fun in Poulsbo! We stayed in Gig Harbor for several days in the summer of 2009, and were able to go over there a couple times. Love the bakeries! (Or maybe it was the pastries.)

We met an old Swedish sausage maker there who was telling us how he backed into his sausage grinder once and got a little behind in his work;))

Donna K said...

Look at that blue sky in Poulsbo! Love it there. Sluys' Bakery is the BEST!! Glad you guys are having so much fun. Someday I'll show you the video of that little old sausage maker telling his story on the streets of Poulsbo!!

Judy and Emma said...

Can't top the sausage story! :)