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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winding Down…….

Things here are beginning to wind down for us.  Hard to believe we only have 5 more days here and then we leave for Pebble Beach and three days of what should be great golf.  The weather forecast for those days looks sunny and nice.  Hopefully it holds.

Speaking of golf, I went back to Avila Beach Golf Resort and played 18 holes.  And I played really well.  Had many long straight drives and some great short shots and putts.  Hope that holds true next week too!

2012-02-23 11.40.28

The 10th hole at Avila Beach

2012-03-01 12.34.12

Hole 16 at Avila Beach

2012-03-01 12.53.12

The tee box for #18 at Avila Beach – Drive must go over the water

It was a nice sunny day on the course and the temp got into the mid 60s. 

Also, there is an interesting rock formation along highway 101 in Pismo Beach.  We have driven by this rock formation many times yet only noticed it when we were walking along a parallel frontage road!

2012-02-26 11.29.37

Rock formation on Hwy 101.


Russ Krecklow said...

I hate those holes with water anywhere close! I skipped a drive off the top of one years ago...that was about the only time I ever hit the water and didn't lose the golf ball. Enjoy your time at Pebble Beach. That's beautiful.

Donna K said...

Can't believe your time is over already. Hope you have sunny fun in Pebble Beach and a safe journey home.