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Monday, March 12, 2012

On the Road Home

Saturday we left Monterey for Pleasanton.  The weather in the Monterey area was already changing.  Rain clouds were moving in and the wind was increasing.  We were so fortunate to have 3 days of perfect weather for our golf outings at Pebble Beach.

We drove up bumpy highway 101 and then to 680 out to the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.  This is a nice campground except that the sites are somewhat too close together and it can be hard to park the tow car.  Our neighbors had a long pickup truck that they parked halfway into the street.  How rude!!!

Fortunately when it was time to go, the site directly in front of us was open and I just pulled through it.  One other thing is that the sites are not paved, not gravel, and really not grass.  Instead they are sort of a mixture of stubby sparse grass and scattered dusty dirt.  So you track lots of little grass clippings into the RV.  Not Cool.

Saturday night we had dinner with our niece Laura and her boyfriend Will at an Italian restaurant in Livermore near where they live.  It was great to see them and as an added treat, Laura baked us some red velvet cupcakes using a recipe that my brother used to make.  He passed away in 2008 but he passed on his recipe and baking skills to his daughters and we are the beneficiaries.  It is a great reminder of his love of cooking.

Sunday we drove from Pleasanton to Cal Expo in Sacramento.  Cal Expo is the site of the state fair and is a real nice place to stay.  We have stayed here before but their Wi-Fi never worked.  Well, now it does and it is really solid.

We took my sister-in-law and two more nieces out to dinner Sunday night.  That was a great visit and it was fun catching up on all that is going on in their lives.

This morning we did some quick trip planning to  determine where we would stay overnight.  There are major storm warnings for our route for wind, freezing rain, and snow.   I really wanted to get through the Siskiyou mountain passes if at all possible today so we planned several alternatives.  Rouge River Valley was about 330 miles from Sacramento and was through most, but not all of the passes.  Seven Feathers Casino and RV Park were 383 miles which is a bit further than I usually like to drive in one day.  260 miles is better.  But it is through most all of the passes so we decided to try to make that.

While there was no rain, the wind was a definite presence.  Fortunately, it came from the south and since we were heading north, if anything it would be a help to us.  It did make the drive more tiring than I would like, but even with the wind we made it all the way to Seven Feathers.

The forecast storm has now started and the rain is falling but we are tucked in our cozy RV for the night.  Tomorrow we are going another 100 miles to Eugene so that we can have dinner with some fellow bloggers (Russ & Donna).  We have met them before and they are also RVers who recently bought a new rig.  So that should be fun to catch up with them.


Russ Krecklow said...

Glad you got over the mountains o.k. It's been blowing like crazy here today, and raining. More of the same called for. We're looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow, and we'll pick you up so you don't have to unhook the toad. Get some rest tonight, and we'll look for you tomorrow.

Sue and Doug said...

almost home....have fun with Russ and Donna tomorrow!!!..oh, to be a fly on the wall..or in the seats next to you all would even better!!!