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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It’s a Dry World After all……

It rained pretty much all through the night. This morning there were puddles all around but the rain stopped mid-morning. It has not rained now for the last 9 hours or so, though it looks like it could start up again soon.

Today we went to the Chimacum Café for lunch. It is a small town (make that very small town) café that has been in business since 1955. The décor is worn and not much to look at but the food was surprisingly good tasting.

We signed up for Red Box today and rented a movie called “Moneyball.” It is based on the book by the same name and shows how the Oakland A’s used statistics to overcome a lack of superstars to win a lot of ball games. I’m not much of a movie person but this one was pretty darn good.

Next we have a DVD that my friend John Bardin lent us called “Paths of Glory.” Will probably watch that tonight or tomorrow.

While outside a bit today, I got some good pictures…….

2012-03-31 13.48.13

Above is looking over towards Whidbey Island. You can see the ferry returning to Port Townsend.

2012-03-31 13.48.38

This picture is of Port Townsend. It is about 2 miles away……by water. A little too far to swim. It is about 17 miles by car! Fort Flagler is on Marrowstone Island and you need to go all the way down the island to a bridge and then come back up over to Port Townsend. We plan to visit there on this trip and check out Fort Warden, another campground.

I also made a video with help from my friends John and Kevin, showing how we installed the automatic satellite dish. It runs about 21 minutes and you can watch it by clicking here.

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Donna K said...

Sure glad you are getting some dry times even if it's not sunny. Red Box is a pretty good deal.