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Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye Pismo for 2012

Sad to say our time here this year is ending.  We have had a fantastic time here doing all kinds of things.  Made some interesting changes to the RV in the TV and screen door setups.  Also learned a lot about the leveling jacks too.

First though, let me catch up to date on our activities.

On Friday, we went for a nice walk in downtown San Luis Obispo, “SLO” to the locals.  They have a really nice walk along the creek that runs through the town, but unfortunately, it is only about 3-4 blocks long at best.  So we did it twice and then added some of the city streets.

2012-03-02 12.25.54

The creek walk in SLO

While on the walk, you go behind some houses built right in the middle of town.  You do see some interesting sights in the yards, including the “guard bear” in one yard.  I don’t think I would mess with this one for sure!

2012-03-02 12.26.10

On Saturday, we did an 11 mile bike ride around our campground and the adjacent state park campground.  It is always interesting to see the various rigs and what people do with them.  The weather for both the walk on Friday and the ride on Saturday was superb with a high of 81!

Sunday morning we drove over to Shell Beach and parked at a local park.  From there we walked back to the memorial for Margie & Bruce along Price Ave.  They were fellow RVers and bloggers and were hit by a car in October 2010 while walking on Price Ave.

This turned out to be a fairly long walk.  I checked it with my GPS and it was over 3.5 miles.  Took us 70 minutes to do so that isn’t too bad.  There were some interesting sights along the walk…..

2012-03-02 13.16.59

A very pretty flower in full bloom in early March!

2012-03-04 11.17.35

Looking back towards Pismo Beach just after leaving Shell Beach area.

2012-03-04 11.20.16

The park we left the car at was called dinosaur park for some reason. Here is one of the locals escaping from his egg.

2012-03-04 12.07.38

Looking towards the cliffs at Shell Beach.  These cliffs are about 65 feet high.

Today we went for a 10 mile bike ride over to Oceano and back.  While on the ride the fog came in and really dropped the temperature.  It was cold coming back to the RV.

After lunch Carol ran some errands to restock the RV for the trip to Pebble Beach and home while I began doing some preventive maintenance tasks on the RV.  I also cleaned and put away much of our gear that we had out during our 2 month stay here.

So tomorrow morning we leave for the 3.5 hour trip to Monterrey and the golf at Pebble Beach.  You can expect posts on that for sure.

Here is something else to look forward to.  I am going to replace the manual satellite dish on the roof with an automatic HD dish.  I’m going to be a beta tester for the company and install the dish myself with the help of 2 close friends.  We are even going to make a video of the installation, so that should be interesting.  More on that in the weeks ahead after we get home.

For now though, we say good bye to Pismo Beach for 2012 with the great expectation of being here next year at about the same time!


Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks for sharing all the great things you saw during your time there at Pismo Beach. We've enjoyed "being there" with you. Have a great trip back home, and we'll look forward to sharing a meal with you on your way through Eugene.

Sue and Doug said...

hard to believe that two months have gone by already!..have a safe trip tomorrow as you head north towards home!

Judy and Emma said...

That walk in SLO sure looked pretty even if it was short.

Safe travels to you both.