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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away…….And it Does!

Well, we were forecast to have rain all day today with strong winds including gusts over 50mph.  Didn’t happen.  It did rain some during the night, but it was a light rain.  By morning, it was just a few passing showers.  The wind did come up a bit during the morning, but never got over 28pmh and was pretty much gone by noon.

We had a very quiet night last night with our leveling jacks.  No noise at all.  Too early to confirm the fix, but early results are really promising.  I sure hope this does the job!  Time will tell.

We did get out for a short walk today – maybe a mile or so.  We didn’t plan to do much today anticipating that the weather would be bad.  So we relaxed all day and then did our short walk late in the day.

We have our mail forwarded to us here at the RV park.  So we just received our election ballots and can now vote on a local levy issue.  All the capabilities of home!

Here is a great app for your cell phone……

One of my fellow referees sent me the above video and I think it is an app many would want for sure!


Sue and Doug said...

wouldn't that be great to have to park an RV!!!

Donna K said...

Right Sue...wouldn't that be fun.

Hey Dave glad you survived the storm and got your walk in too.