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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fore!!!!! (No, mostly Three!)

Played 9 holes of golf yesterday and really played well.  Only did nine holes, but finished only three over par.  Almost every shot I took was a good shot, no miss-hits at all.  Unfortunately, what usually happens for me after a great game is a disaster.  We will see next week.

Today after some errands this morning, we drove over to the Elfin Forest.  This is a walking area through a “forest” of various sagebrush and other shrubs of the same size.  Fortunately, there is a boardwalk loop path of slightly over 1 mile in length that takes you around the park.  It is a hilly area with great scenery.


The boardwalk in the Elfin Forest

In the middle of the park there is a small grove of “Pigmy Oaks.”  These are actually oak trees that do not grow tall.  Instead they grow a tangled branch network that is really interesting to see.


Pigmy Oak grove in the Elfin Forest

There are many kinds of plants in the forest.  This one is a fuchsia with buds that have not yet fully opened.


While walking on the path, a sailboat came into the estuary.  It was a great day to be out on the water as our temperature was about 68 at the time this picture was taken.


One of the nice things about the boardwalk is that the various plants are labeled so that you can tell what is what.  Anyone want to guess what this plant is?  (Answer at the end of the post)


Someone was having a bit of fun and put the label below on one of the boardwalk planks.


Also during the walk, you get a great view of Morro Rock in the distance.


There are about 90 different kinds of birds that either live in the forest or spend part of the year there during their migratory travels.  We saw many hawks in the area and I tried to get a good picture of one.


The video below will give you a 360 degree of the view from the Elfin Forest.

360 degree view from Elfin Forest

When we got back to the RV, I worked on our screen door latch.  It is poorly designed in plastic and has broken 3 times.  I have gotten tired of replacing old poorly designed parts with new poorly designed parts.  So I went to a RV parts store and bought a different latch system and adapted it to work with our door.  It is a hybrid installation now and the important thing is that it works great!

As reader Donna responded, “leaves of three, let it be” – the plant in question is poison oak – stay away!


Donna K said...

You didn't identify the plant!! It looks more like wild blackberry than anything else, however, leaves of three, let it be!! That's the safest way. That boardwalk looks like a great place for a stroll.

JWB2 said...

Dave & Carol,

I liked the Elfin Forest, but I did not see any elves. Living in Texas as a child, I had several unhappy meetings with poison Oak and Ivy.
Also, nice job with the golf. I have been swinging my 7-iron and putting in the living room. The wife, dog, and cat do not agree.

John Bardin