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Monday, February 6, 2012

By the Dawn’s Early Light…..

Carol and I have sort of established a tradition already when we come to Pismo Beach.  There is a bakery in town called the “Old West Bakery” and they specialize in rolls.  They make an especially good cinnamon role which the store here at the park resells.

Each morning when the store opens at 7am, they have a limited number of these rolls to sell.  We have decided to have these rolls on Sunday mornings.  So each Sunday morning, I get up before 7 and walk over to the store.  Often there are others there doing the same thing – getting the rolls early before they run out.  So far I have always been able to get two for us, but one day it was close.  Yesterday, I was walking over just as dawn was breaking and the colors in the sky were really pretty.  But by the time I started walking back after purchasing the rolls, the colors were already fading.

After we got up and had our rolls and got organized, we went down to the beach with the car and drove about 5 miles down on the beach and then 5 miles back.  It was a nice ride and we saw Jet Skis, surfers, and ATVs of all sorts.  In fact, there are many RVs that come down and camp in groups further on down towards the dunes.  Our four wheel drive Honda CRV serves us well on beaches as it has no problem with the sand.  When Carol posts her next blog entry, she will have pictures from the beach drive no doubt.  I was too busy driving to really get any.

Then we came home had lunch and watched the game.  I was pulling for the Giants and I finally got one right.  Lately I have had a bad history of calling games and elections – even elections where I count the ballots I can’t get right.  But yesterday, I finally got one right!  Feels good!

Today I did some minor maintenance on our hydraulic leveling jacks.  I sprayed the pistons with silicone lubricant and then used a grease gun to grease the couplings.  Hopefully that will stop some of the strange noises our jacks have been making.  I emailed the manufacturer of the jacks about the problem and that was their recommendation.  We will see if it helps.  I will have to grease them again soon though because it looked like the factory never did grease them when they were installed!

After that we drove down to La Purisima state park.  This is a park just outside of Lompoc, about 55 miles south of here.  It is a California mission that has been refurbished.  You can tour the grounds and go through the buildings and see how the 1,000 people (Spanish and Chumash Indians) lived.


Above is a picture of sheep in one of the pens at the mission.  There are many displays and they do a lot of living history presentations at the park.

La Purisima Mission State Park

We are expecting a storm tonight with rain and gusty winds forecasted to be in the 50+ Mph range.  But later in the week, it will turn nice again for another 7-8 days at least.

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Donna K said...

Well you got your rolls...that's the important part!! Hope you survive tonight's storm. We had another beautiful day here...went to Florence and had 62 degrees. I'll blog about it tomorrow. Nice pictures of the park.