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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle

You may have heard about the problem with my bike yesterday as I had posted the details in a comment on Carol’s blog.  To recap, I had a problem when crossing highway 1.  I hit a bump and my bike rack that sits over the rear tires broke.  Actually the horizontal supports snapped.  The 12 pound battery for my hilltopper sits on the rack so it came loose and forced the rack onto the tire which caused a grinding noise and just about made the bike immobile.

I was able to temporarily secure it with bungee cords (biker’s duct tape) and make it back to the RV.  At least we got a 10 mile ride out of all this.  In the afternoon, I went and bought a new rack, this one made of strong metal tubing and can take a weight of 45 pounds.

So today dawned, another nice clear and sunny day, and we went for another bike ride.  This one was 11 miles.  We went from the RV park up to the Soto sports complex in Arroyo Grande.  Even though the ride was relatively shorter than some of our others, it was on rough pavement for a good portion which means more energy to overcome the resistance of the road.  The ride was uneventful and the new rack did a wonderful job.  It is so much more steady that the old one.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and I will be rooting for the Giants.  Here is a cute picture which simply says it is not important how you are dressed, what matters is how you are perceived……



And if you forgot about ground hog day………



Donna K said...

Glad to hear you're back ridin' the range! Those pictures are pretty funny. I don't care much about this super bowl since they are both east coast teams so I'll just say "Go Commercials!!"

Sue B said...

biker's duct tape?..a bungee that is a new one!..
have a great Sunday!!!