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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Answer Isn’t Blowing in the Wind….

Thursday was another nice day!  I went and played golf again.  Didn’t do great or poor, just average.  But had a nice walk in the sunshine.  And I didn’t lose any balls which always helps keep the score reasonable.

I think there needs to be a new rule in golf.  If you lose your ball, there is no penalty stroke because you have already been penalized by losing the ball.  So no double jeopardy on the golf course!

Friday we drove over to Los Osos Oaks State Reserve.  This is a rugged area just outside Los Osos that has hiking trails that wind around through the hills.  Sometimes you are under the oaks as pictured below.


Carol using her walking sticks under the oaks.

And sometimes you are out in the rugged brush and it changes very quickly.


Some of the wild brush we walked through

We came across a couple of interesting sights along the way including trees covered with moss but out in the direct sunlight.


Moss covered tree in sunlight


Where did this one palm tree come from???


Another moss covered tree, again in sunlight.

During the walk we came to many trail intersections but most were unmarked, so we were never sure which way to go.  We just plowed on for about 30 minutes and then decided to turn around and go back.  Even though we tried, we didn’t go back the same way.  So it made for another good adventure.

After coming back to the car, we went to Montana de Oro state park.  We drove into their day area and parked for a picnic lunch.  Because it was breezy, we ate in the car and watched the waves breaking on the rocks.


Waves at Montana de Oro State Park

We were supposed to get 30+ mph wind last night and perhaps some rain.  However this morning it was fairly calm and only some drizzle.  So we decided to go to Cayucis, just about 6 miles north from Morro Bay.  This is a small town with about three blocks of shops and we walked by them and checked them out. 


The Pier at Cayucos

After the shops, we walked out on the pier.  The skies were really divided.  Out to the northwest, the sky was clearing and you had a great view of the shoreline.


View to the northwest from the end of the pier

But if you looked south, towards Morro Rock, you get an entirely different impression of the weather!  It is like the pier was the dividing line.


Looking south from the pier

It was a good view from the pier but the breezes were getting a bit stronger so we terminated the walk and visited “Duckies" Chowder House” for lunch.  Then it was back to the RV. 

Here is a video panorama shot from the end of the Cayucos pier to give you some idea of what we saw today.

View from Cayucos pier

The big winds never did come and neither did the forecasted rain, though there is still some rain in tomorrow’s forecast.

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Donna K said...

You've seen a lot of territory in the last few days. Your video clearly shows the strange way the skies turned from blue to gray there at the pier. Hope you tow are having a wonderful time. Say hi to Carol.