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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Yellow Press Strikes Again!

This morning, our friend Sandy called from Vancouver, WA to let us know that there was an article in the paper that my friend Kevin was in a serious traffic accident.  The paper indicated that his car slid on the ice and knocked down a telephone pole.  They didn’t have is condition at press time even though they called the local hospitals.

Since Kevin is a fellow football official, I sent out a web item to our members so they could keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

About an hour after posting the item, Kevin called me and said the article was way overblown.  Yes he did have an accident and yes, he did knock down a telephone pole, but his truck was drivable and the reason they newspaper couldn’t locate his hospital is because he went to work!  So he was fine and other than some damage to his truck, all is well.   So much for the accuracy of the press!

We went for a nice long walk today into town.  We went for about 70 minutes and it included some hills too.  So it was good exercise on a nice sunny day!

2012-01-24 11.46.36

On the walk, we came to this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for sale.  I was amazed at the price of $545,000.  I wonder what it went for before the recession.

2012-01-24 11.57.47

Also came across this interesting sign.

2012-01-24 12.06.55 

Above is a picture from the north side of town showing the cliffs along the water’s edge toward Shell Beach.

After the walk, Carol made up some lunches and we went over to Shell Beach and parked alongside the cliff overlooking the water.  We listened to a sermon on Nehemiah by Art Azurdia, the pastor of Trinity Church in Portland.  Carol can get these from the online podcasts.

Here are some charts from my friend Doug that show some simple life truths…….





And last but not least, a cartoon that is really a sign of the times…..


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Donna K said...

The press loves BAD news...anything to sell a story. Wish we could see/read /hear more good news. I know there is plenty out there, we just never hear it! Love the graphics.