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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Walk Not in the Park

Yesterday and today I planned to watch the NFL playoff games which I did do.  But first, we took a trip up to Santa Maria.  The first destination on that trip was to a quilt shop that we never found.  It was supposed to be a few miles out of town.  The GPS said to get off at exit 264 but right after exit 265, there was no exit 264.  Instead we had to go to 260 to get turned around!  We were already way out of our way out in the country and just decided to skip that destination all together.

Then we went to the Santa Maria Library which Carol wrote about in her blog today.  Check it out at

We also visited the library in Nipomo.  At both libraries, Carol had located different books in a series she was reading.

After returning, we got our exercise by walking all the streets here at Pismo Coast Village (PCV to us locals).  That took almost an hour but was really enjoyable in the short sleeve and shorts weather.

Then I got into watching the games that I had recorded on the DVR.  My 49ers did a great job and now get to host the Giants next week.

Today, I woke up early and went to the PCV store to get two fresh cinnamon rolls.  Each day they bring in a few rolls from a local bakery and resell them.  Last year we made it a tradition to have them every Sunday and we have continued that this year. So I got up at 7am when the store opens to get ours.  I’m glad I did….after I bought our two, there were only two left --- and the store had only been open 5 minutes.

The park is pretty full for the three day weekend, so I thought there might be a run on the rolls.

After watching the first game, we went for a beach walk of just under an hour.  I did manage to get some pictures to share.

2012-01-15 14.09.20

The above picture is from the beach looking towards the town of Shell Beach.

2012-01-15 14.09.25

This picture shows the wide beach along the water’s edge.

Today was another warm day with some clouds moving in late in the day.  We may get some stormy weather late in the coming weak.  At home in Vancouver, WA, it was supposed to be snowing with a snow/ice mixture for the next few days.  All in all, much nicer here!

Since the Giants won, it makes 3-1 as a football predictor.  I don’t mind the 1 I got wrong because that means the 49ers get another home game.  And even with the stormy weather prediction they have in San Francisco late in the week, I’d rather be in SF than Green Bay.  Go Niners!!!!

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Donna K said...

Cinnamon rolls and a walk on the beach to work them off!! Sounds great. that sure is a beautiful wide beach there. Snow in Eugene Yesterday and today with more predicted for early in the week. I think I'd rather be in Pismo Beach!!