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Monday, January 9, 2012

Today to Morro

We went to Morro Bay today.  But before we left, my new Jack Antenna came and so I installed it up on the roof.  It was an extremely simple install – took maybe 15 minutes at most and only needed a screw driver and needle nose pliers.  That’s the good news---the bad news is that it really didn’t get us any more stations.  We get NBC really clear and some other odd-ball CW channel, but nothing else.  We must be in some kind of a dead zone.

So after that, we headed out to Morro Bay stopping first at the battery store so I could explore the Lithium-Ion battery option mentioned previously.  Well good news is that it will work for twice the length of time and half the weight.  Bad news is that it is about 4 times the cost.  So there is really no compelling reason to make the switch until prices come down someday.

We had lunch at Harbor Hut’s little outside location called Lil’ Hut.  From there you have a decent view of the bay.  We went for a nice walk after lunch up and down the shops along the beach and I got some good pictures.


Surfboard rental shop


A guy “paddling” a surfboard – or a paddleboard.

This is actually really something to see.  You can take a normal surfboard, stand up on it (OK, you can, I can’t) and use an oar to paddle it around.  You see this all over the area including out in the surf!  To see a demo of this “sport,” click here.


Just a fraction of the boats moored in the marina.


A boat on its way out of the harbor.


Good view of the marina and power plant


Eucalyptus trees – over 100’ tall and drop lots of leaves all year!

After our walk, we drove over to the Morro Rock area.  Last year we could actually drive around the rock, but now it is closed.  So we parked by the water and took some pics.


Looking back at Morro Beach from the rock area


Famous Morro Rock


A very lonely Pelican up near the road at Morro Rock.

Lastly, you can watch a really good surfer ride the wave, go out over the top, keep his balance and paddle back for more by clicking here.

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Donna K said...

Great pictures and video. They rent those boards at Fern Ridge Lake here in the summer, but I'm with you. No way could I stand up on that thing and paddle around. I like to watch others try though!!