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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Golf or Not to Golf, that was the Question

Last night was fairly cold here though the day is very sunny.  Highs into the mid 60’s but last night’s low was 36.  Rain coming this weekend with warmer temps too.  Much better that what is happening at home up in Vancouver, WA.  (snow & cold)

I went to the golf course today but couldn’t get on because they had a men’s club tournament that had to start late due to the cold temps.  So I came home and Carol and I went for an 8 mile bike ride.

We rode around our RV park and the adjacent state park.  It was cool in the shade but very pleasant in the sun.  While on the ride, we came across an interesting little car……

2012-01-18 15.13.49

I guess that is a new type of hybrid.  What kind of mileage do you think it gets?  Also wonder how often the crankshaft needs replacing???


Donna K said...

That car is hilarious. Hope you find the owner so you can ask some questions about it.

Kiersten said...

Such a great car! It looks like the Professor Layton-mobile!!