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Sunday, January 1, 2012

There’s Always Next Year

Today dawned bright and clear.  It was 36 when I woke up, but quickly warmed up to an eventual high of 59.  So what did I do today?  What any faithful football fan would do – I watched the NFL all day (and still have one game to go!).

My 49ers won and secured the second seed in the NFC.  Go big Red!

Then the KC Chiefs handed the Raiders a golden opportunity to win the AFC West and get into the playoffs by beating Denver.  All Oakland had to do was win which they didn’t.  They played very poor defense, as usual this year, and made too many mistakes.  Well, as I have been saying at the end of the last nine seasons, “There’s always next year!”

We did go for a walk at 4:30 today.  The picture below is looking south from our parking spot.  You get a good idea of how flat the land is in this area.

2012-01-01 16.34.26

I took this picture of the sun shining off the RV at sunset.

2012-01-01 16.34.45

Finally this picture of the sky just after sunset.

2012-01-01 16.54.31

Not the greatest pictures for sure, but they do give an idea of the surroundings here.

Now I will watch the Rose Bowl tomorrow and root for the Ducks!  That should be a good game.  We saw lots of duck fans on our way down I-5 with their decorated cars.  Hopefully they all have tickets and will cheer loud enough to make a difference.

G O   D U C K S ! ! !


Ali said...

Love the picture of the sun setting on your motor home. Happy New Year to you & Carol.

Russ Krecklow said...

Tough luck, losing to those Chargers like that!! Oh, well, it's a New Year, like you say. Oh, by the way, I've heard that there were some food warnings posted for the buffet there at Rolling Hills...some people were enjoying it so much, they kept going back for more!!!! Don't let that happen!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Great pics -- we did the same...watched football -- and we'll do it again tomorrow! Happy New Year!

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

good luck to the 'ducks'!!..nice shot of the sun shining on the rig!!!

Donna K said...

Hope we're not saying that after the Rose Bowl tomorrow!!!