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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Peaceful Pismo…..

Well, we must have been really ready to make the last leg of our journey this morning to Pismo Beach.  I wanted to leave by 9:30 and we left at 8:30!  Guess we really wanted to get here.

The only problem with going that early is that the sun is not that high this time of year, so it was a bit of a problem.  Wearing a visor and tilting it down solved it though.

The trip was another easy drive except for highway 41.  Just after turning off of I-5 about 2 miles west, there was a flag man stopping traffic for highway construction.  Looks like they are doing a 5 mile section of the road with new road bed, shoulders, and drainage.  You have to wait in either direction, and I would guess the max wait time could be as much as 25 minutes just based on the distance involved.  If you are coming this way, consider highway 33 or 46 to get around it.

We arrived at 1:30 and have the same spot we had last year.  I got everything setup for a two month stay, so this is home for a while.

We did have our mail forwarded to the park and Carol already got our first batch today plus she had a package.  So it is nice to know that is working.

The weather here is fantastic!  Clear skies with a high of 78 today!  Next few days are pretty much the same.

Below are two pictures of our RV in its temporary home!

2012-01-05 15.41.07

2012-01-05 15.41.28

Tonight we are celebrating our arrival by going to Splash Café, a very famous place for clam chowder.  It is small and always crowded.  It will give us a good walk into town too.


Judy and Emma said...

Are those sites as close together as they look?

Donna K said...

Glad you made it "home". Hope you have great weather and an enjoyable stay. Clam chowder sounds good.

Raider Dave said...

Judy - yes, they are closer than we would like, but this is an older park (1970s vintage) and the location more than makes up for it. Plus, by next week, the park will clear out and stay fairly empty for a few months. Tha's why we like winter here among other reasons.....