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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oso Flaco Lake

Yesterday was another nice day, partly cloudy but mostly very nice.  We took a drive to Guadalupe which is about 25 miles south of here. 

First thing we did on the way down was to stop by the local state ranger station and buy a “limited Golden Bear” Pass.  This pass costs $10 and allows your vehicle into any state recreation area.  So as long as there are no individual fees, you can get in free.  The pass is for a calendar year and you must be 62 years old to get one.  Interestingly enough, you do not need to be a resident of California to qualify.

On the way to Guadalupe, we stopped at Oso Flaco Lake and state park.  (For you NFL fans, the lake is not named after the Baltimore Ravens QB!)

At the park, there is a one mile trail out to the beach across the lake and out to the sand dunes.


The trail is on a boardwalk most of the way and is an easy walk.


Above is a view of the lake.  It is not large and does not allow any human use other than fishing.  There are plenty of birds in this area as I guess they are drawn to the lake.


When you come to the end of the trail you can either go down to the beach or go to a viewing point overlooking the beach.

360 degree view from beach at Oso Flaco

The above video shows the view overlooking the beach at the park.

We then went to the library in Guadalupe and then came home.

For dinner last night, we again visited Splash Café, our favorite haunt in town.

Today I played another 9 holes of golf at the local course.  While I  was walking out to the first hole, the wind really came up suddenly.  It was blowing about 35 mph and almost blew my visor off.  I played very consistently for a change and shot bogey golf on all holes.  The wind only lasted for the first 4 holes and it went down about as suddenly as it came up.  I had fun allowing for the wind on my tee shots and for the most part, did pretty well with it.


John Bardin said...

Big Dave,

It looks like you are having a great time exploring the California geography, playing golf, and generally living the-good-life...very cool!

I have not hit a ball since we last played, but I do plan on getting my putter and driver re-gripped so I can rip-it in Cali!

Take care my friend,

John Bardin

Sue B said...

nice views of the coastline!!!.enjoy!..great to see blue sky!..nothing but rain here!