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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great weather = Good exercise & Acrobats

We have had some really great weather of late.  On Friday, it was clear & sunny, though a bit breezy.  From what I can tell, Southern California was enduring the Santa Ana winds.  Here the winds were nowhere that strong but still a steady breeze from the east.  I decided to go play golf late Friday morning.

I ended up paired with a guy named Owen.  He lives at Shell Beach now, but previously lived in Alaska, Los Angeles, and Sacramento before coming here to retire.  We had a good time with each other as we were playing at the same level.  I actually played really poorly compared to my normal game.  Only had 1 really good shot – a chip to 2 inches from the hole from a distance of about 30 yards.  Some shots were really sad including a shot that had great contact and distance, but hooked sharply left out of bounds and deep into the sand dunes in the state park.  Yuk.  But there is always next week!

Saturday we started out on an 8 mile bile ride around Arroyo Grande  & Grover Beach.  We parked at the Soto Sports Complex and rode around the neighborhoods.  Some of the streets in Grover Beach were very rough and really need to be resurfaced.  Guess their budget must be tight.

After that we went to lunch at Jack In The Box and then to the Farmer’s Fair in Arroyo Grande. Carol bought some strawberries, oranges and tangerines.  Then we came back and sat outside in the sun reading for a couple of hours.  Really enjoyed the relaxation.

Today we did a 14 mile bike ride – that’s the most we have done in quite some time.  We rode down to the golf course and through the camp grounds at two state parks.  Went as far as Oceano Beach, and then rode through a mobile home park and all around our RV park to get the mileage in.  It was another great day and the ride was very enjoyable.

After lunch, we sat outside again reading and soaking up rays.

*************************************************I I mentioned in an earlier post that we had gone to see the Peking Acrobats.  We first saw them at SeaWorld in San Diego during a program they called “Summer Nights.”  This was various outdoor entertainment acts on different nights in their outdoor pavilion, now remodeled into something else.  Anyway, I believe this was the inaugural year for the Peking Acrobats (1986) and we really enjoyed the program.

Fast forward 26 years and we get a chance to see them again.  And they were every bit as good as they were in 1986!  They are a troupe of about 40 or so acrobats and I’m sure a large support staff.  They do all kinds of acrobatic tricks using swings, poles, chairs, umbrellas, etc.  Even some tricky juggling and balancing acts on stacks of chairs and bicycles.  If you ever get  a chance to see a performance, I think you will find that it is well worth the money!

You can see a preview of their act on three vertical poles by clicking here.

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Donna K said...

I clicked on the link - those guys are pretty amazing. Gives a whole new meaning to "pole dancing" lol!!

Glad you're having nice days without too much of that Santa Ana wind.