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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catching up on things

This post is a bit overdue as the last one was posted on Wednesday and I am trying to do them at least every 2 days.  On Thursday, I went ahead and got new batteries for my Hilltopper.  I did Carol’s right after we arrived here and decided to go ahead and replace mine too. 

It is a fairly easy process.  You have to take the batteries out of their custom sewn wrapper, disconnect the power switch and the rectifier, then disconnect the batteries.  The originals were soldered in so I had to clip those connections.  Instead of soldering the new ones in, I used spade connectors so that future replacements will be even easier.  Then you just hook up the 4 connections, use duct tape to secure the two batteries to each other and the rectifier and replace it all in the wrapper.  All in all, it took about 45 minutes.  Next time I would bet I will only need 20 minutes to do it as I won’t need to solder/de-solder anything.

A quick test showed that the new battery has about twice the initial power of the old one and that it holds it much longer.  The new batteries have about 20% more amp-hours than the old so that should be good too.

After lunch I played 9 holes of golf at the nearby course.  This round was a model of inconsistency.  The shots were either very poor (two shanks, one in the water, one lost left) or very good (one a foot from the pin, another 4 inches from the pin – made both birds, three long 10 foot or more putts).  On average, an OK round, but shots spread all over the place.  Oh well.  Got 6 more weeks till Pebble Beach, so I had better practice more.

Thursday night it was supposed to rain, but really didn’t.  It got cloudy and that was about it.

Friday we took a nice walk into town and then along the beach.  Really had a fairly quiet day.

Last night the rain finally came.  It was very gentle all evening until about 3 in the morning when we had a heavy shower that really dumped some water on us.  But by morning, the rain showers had stopped and we were back to just cloudy weather with a hint of the sun. 

We took our lunch to shell beach to sit on the cliff overlooking the rocks and beach.  It was too cold to just sit outside so we stayed and ate in the car.

2012-01-21 14.04.45

Looking out over the rocks at Shell Beach

2012-01-21 14.04.57

Looking along the cliffs at Shell Beach

While we waited and read books, a truck pulled up in front of us and three guys and two girls got out.  From the back of the truck, the guys grabbed their golf clubs and took the stairs down the cliff to the beach.  After they went down, I walked over to the overhang to see what they were really up to.  They were teeing up balls and hitting them into the ocean.

2012-01-21 14.06.452012-01-21 14.06.48

They weren’t very good golfers as the miss-hit several of the shots I watched from above.

We’ve been here a little over two weeks of our planned 9 week stay.  Things are going very well and we are really enjoying it.

Things still to do….

  • get on Skype to see granddaughter and her parents
  • Try the Pilot Edge flying simulation from here on my laptop
  • Drive up Hwy 1 and visit the seals
  • Play more golf!!!

There are really no items on my RV repair list at the moment which is really great!  Everything appears to be working well and we feel really at home here.

I’m picking the 49ers and Ravens tomorrow!

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