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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bad Jack now Good Jack!

My Digital TV (DTV) signal meter arrived today – it was a day earlier than expected.   So I was able to use it to help me get my over the air TV signals.  I can use the meter not only to align the Jack antenna, but also as the connection point for the cables.  Once I got my splitter out of the system and the meter in to replace it, nice things started happening.  For starters, we now get all network stations including 2 from Santa Barbara which is 120 miles away.  That’s impressive!

On the down side, I can’t seem to get any PBS station.  Carol has a program she wanted to record and there is no PBS station in the area.  I found that hard to believe, so I looked up PBS stations on line.  There is one in San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, San Bernardo, and Watsonville!  Nothing else near here.   That really amazes me.  I thought PBS was all over the place.

Anyway, the Jack Antenna when properly connected and aimed really can pull in some distant stations and get them very clear.  It is well worth the cost!

After lunch, I went and played golf at a local course.  Shot a 9 over par which isn’t too bad at all.  Have to get my game in shape for Pebble Beach in March. 

Then Carol and I went to the local library in Grover Beach to see about getting library cards.  It is a very small library as you can see in the picture below.

2012-01-10 15.48.31

The library is totally run by volunteers and all books are donated!  Checkouts are done the old fashioned way with a pocket card in the book and a date stamp telling you when to return them.  Nothing electronic here and no way to do holds.  Given that all books are donated, I was surprised to see that they had many of the books that I like!  We had no problem getting a card and the librarian was very talkative.

Our weather is changing slightly with some high thin clouds moving in tonight.  Temps will be cooler, but no rain in the forecast.


Russ Krecklow said...

Library card, nice! Now you can really settle in and read! Enjoy.

Donna K said...

Sorry to be stupid Dave and maybe I missed a post but I am assuming a jack antenna does not require any "service" - it just picks up whatever is being broadcast?? Can you show a picture of how it is installed? We don't have satellite on Therapy so sometimes have a hard time getting any TV signal if we are not in a park with cable.