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Friday, January 6, 2012

Another dead battery!!!

Last night we walked to town just after sunset.  We went a bit out of our way so we could go down by the beach.  The temperature was just about perfect – cool but not too cold at all.  We went over to Splash Café, Carol’s favorite spot for clam chowder.


The café is really a hole-in-the-wall, very crowded and not a lot of seating.  The inside walls are covered with cartoon clams enjoying a day surfing and sunbathing at the beach.


There really is nothing fancy about Splash except the good food.  It is really good and the prices aren’t bad.  You can check out more about Splash Café by clicking here.  You will also see where the pictures above came from.

Today we went for our first bike ride here at Pismo.  We rode around the park for a bit and then over to the adjacent North Beach State Park Campground.  North Beach SP has camp sites but no hookups.  They are also renovating a number of the campsites.  All together we rode 6 miles which is great for our first ride.  I’m sure soon we will be up into two digits.  Got to get those cycling muscles into shape first though.

During the ride, Carol’s Hilltopper – the electric auxiliary motor on her bike – wasn’t working.  After some testing, it appeared that the batteries could hardly hold a charge.  These are available from the manufacturer at $129 each.  I decided to tear into this wrapped package and see what it was made of.  There were two sealed cell 12v batteries  (about 2” x 3” by 6”) in series with a a selenium diode and large heat sink.

We went to Batteries Plus in San Luis Obispo – about 18 minutes away – and found replacement batteries for a total of $72 – $57 cheaper than the manufacturer not including their shipping & handling costs.

After stopping at the local hardware store twice for some additional supplies (twice!), it took me about 30 minutes to deconstruct the original wiring and circuit and rebuild it onto the new batteries.  Then after a charge up, it was time to test.  I put the battery pack on my bicycle and it really worked well.  I think Carol will really enjoy having the new battery – now I am jealous!.

Tonight I barbequed some steaks.  Yes, we can do that here as it is still warm enough.  I have rigged up a light over the BBQ that worked really well.

Tomorrow we will probably do another bike ride and then I am planning to watch the NFL playoffs using our DTV antenna system I mention in a recent post.  Stay tuned!

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Russ Krecklow said...

You are quite the guy for figuring out what's going on with the batteries, Dave! I've thought that those electric bikes sounded like they might be just the thing for folks like me and Donna. We'll have to look into that. Sure nice to be able to barbeque outside! Enjoy watching the playoffs, and hope your t.v. works well for you.