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Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Bike Ride

Last night I was supposed to be on a conference call to a referee’s board meeting.  But there was no phone where they met so that didn’t happen.  So I had the night off and watched TV with Carol.

This morning, I spoke with our president and got brought up to date on what happened.  For the next meeting, they are going to meet where there is a speakerphone and we will see how that goes.

Today we went for a bike ride on the Bob Jones trail from the 101 highway to Avila Beach.  The round trip distance is a bit over 6 miles but even though the net altitude gain/loss isn’t much, the ride is grueling because there are some small but steep hills and an upward grade the whole way back.

After that we drove down to Avila Beach and had lunch at the Custom House Restaurant.  It is right on the beach and we sat outside and enjoyed the great weather.

Tomorrow the NFL playoffs resume.  I am predicting that SF, New England, Green Bay and Baltimore will win.

Here is a cute cartoon…..(double click to enlarge it)


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