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Sunday, January 8, 2012

0 for 4

Yesterday we went for a 10 mile bike ride to Oceano and rode through a couple of RV parks there checking them out.  Also went over by the Oceano airport, but there wasn’t any activity.  Carol’s new battery worked really well.  So now I need to think about redoing mine too.  Since mine is not totally gone, I want to do some research and look into Lithium Ion batteries if the substitution can be made.  L-I batteries are about half the weight and twice the amp-hours and of course cost more.  They may also take a different charging system, so I need to research and see if it can be done.

After the ride and lunch, I watched the two NFL playoff games on NBC which I was able to record on our DVR since that station is one of the locals I can get through our DVR here.  My new antenna comes tomorrow and hopefully that will improve things – stay tuned on that one.

We also watch the Republican debate which was mildly interesting.  Some of the questions make me wonder if the debaters are trying to score points or the moderators!  George Stephanopolous (sp?) proved himself to be a real bozo, IMO and I can’t believe they let him be a moderator.  Is that the best ABC has?  Pretty sorry IMO.

Anyway, today I watched two more NFL playoff games.  I am 0 for 4 on picking games this weekend (again!).  Seems I am not a good picker for games or elections.  I can’t even pick our referee association elections when I am the guy counting the votes.  How sad is that?

Between games today, we snuck out for a 45 minute walk to town and the beach.  It was such a pretty day, I took the pictures below to show it off.  The temp got up to 72 today with no wind and clear skies.

2012-01-08 12.50.51

Above is a lineup of life guard stations in storage

2012-01-08 12.52.25

Kids out playing on the beach today.  There are surfers but they are too far away for my cell phone camera.  Maybe I will take some video of them soon and put it on the blog.

2012-01-08 12.52.58

Looking back from the beach to the RV park

2012-01-08 12.56.22

Finally a great view looking northwest toward the Pismo Pier.

Tomorrow, the weather is forecast to be the same!!!


Donna K said...

That certainly looks like enjoyable weather. Can you imagine folks out on the beach like that in our area? It was sunny here today but the temp was about 30 degrees cooler than what you are enjoying.

Russ Krecklow said...

You didn't think Denver would win? That was quite a game to watch, though, wasn't it? Enjoy that sunshine.