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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ho, Ho, Hoquiam

Yup, we are in Hoquiam, WA today.  We arrived here about 12:30 or so today.

Last night was the first varsity football games in our area.  I worked the Ridgefield at Fort Vancouver game as the white hat (that’s about all I do these days).  It was a good game for the first one of the season and didn’t really challenge the crew.  We had one double foul call with a change of possession (fumble) which gets a bit complicated because the defense has to decline the offense’s foul to keep the ball and sometimes the captains aren’t too bright.  They just want to accept the penalty to push the other team back not realizing that they lose the ball in the process.  But we really had no major problems.   The coaches were easy to work with, the sportsmanship was pretty good, and the weather was fantastic.

After we arrived here at Hoquiam, I got the RV all connected and setup.  Then we went to Westport for the afternoon to the seafood festival at Westport, about 25 miles away.  When we left here, the temperature was about 86 or so.  It stayed that way most of the way to Westport.  But as we got closer to our destination, over a span of 2 miles, it dropped 14 degrees! The sun was still out and everything, but that drop really showed the effect of the Pacific Ocean on moderating the temperature!.

Also along the way, we went past Grays Harbor College.  The sign at the entrance listed their name followed by “Home of the Chokers.”  Not sure that is a great name for your team!  I thought maybe someone was pulling a prank and changed the sign or maybe hacked the computer that drives it.  So I looked them up online and sure enough, they are the Chokers!

When we arrived at Westport, we had a good view of the boats moored in the marina.

2011-09-03 15.11.47

A view of the east dock area

2011-09-03 15.11.54

A view of the west dock area

As you can see above some of these boats are fairly big (over 100’) and they can easily stay out on the ocean.  A few were large enough to be on the Deadliest Catch, a TV show about catching crab up in Alaska.

The festival was actually pretty small.  There were about 15 craft booths selling various wares.  The festival is known for their seafood dinner that they serve ($15 per person, $12 for seniors).  They had a stage with some live music.  There were probably about 250 people at the festival while we were there (2:30-4:00) with some leaving and arriving all the time.

2011-09-03 15.17.18

The festival with people waiting to buy their dinner.

We came home to the RV after our visit to Westport and their festival.  The Wi-Fi here at the park is not working so Carol and I are using our phones to access the internet.  This being the Labor Day weekend, I doubt they will get it fixed before we leave on Tuesday.