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Saturday, December 31, 2011

When Omni-Directional Isn’t

Today we got up late and were lazy.  Then we went on a small excursion into Corning.  First we went to a quilt store so Carol could stock up on some supplies.  (I’m sure she will post the details for those interested.)  After that we went to a car wash to clean our poor Honda which was really filthy after two days of trailing the RV through the rain and getting covered with road grime.

Then we went to the local Radio shack in search of an omni-directional DTV antenna (more on that later).  They had no clue (Why am I not surprised?). 

Then Carol went shopping at the Olive Pit which specializes in Olives. (I’m sure she will write that too).

After a quick lunch, we decided to go to Chico, about 40 minutes away and see if the Best Buy there had an omni-directional DTV antenna.  The guy there knew what I was looking for and had one that was amplified and sounded like a great fit.

We went to another quilt store in Chico for more supplies and then came back to the RV.  By this time it was 4pm, so we went for a 25 minute walk around the park to get some exercise.

Upon returning to the RV, I connected up my new antenna only to find that it is definitely not omni-directional.  Rats, I was really hoping it would work.  So we will need to take it back.

If you are looking for DTV local channel information, be sure to check out the TV Fool at TV  It has a great locator system to determine your local channels.

An interesting aside… the temperature at home in Vancouver, WA was 39.  It was 62 here in Corning and 73 in Pismo Beach where we are headed.  Also sunrise is 21 minutes earlier in Pismo compared to Vancouver, and sunset is 28 minutes later.  By mid-summer on the Solstice, the numbers will be over an hour for the sunrise and sunset in favor of Vancouver!

Tomorrow is Raider football day, so hopefully they win and Denver loses and they get into the playoffs.  They probably won’t last long if they make it, but it would make for a good year considering all their injuries.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Good luck to The Raiders today, Dave! They are doing a lot better this year, aren't they? They should be all over Tebow. Sorry you couldn't find the right antenna...that's always so frustrating to have to try them out, then take them back! Have fun in Pismo Beach, and say "Hi" to that sunshine for us, will you? Hope your arm is all better now after the waving as you zipped through here in the rain! Happy New Year to you!