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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A walk by the Waterfront

Today dawned bright and clear and cold…..a chilly 30 degrees at about 8am.  It was supposed to get to 29 last night and I don’t doubt that it did since there are no clouds around to hold in the warmth. 

After breakfast we went to the Ilwaco library to access the internet and check emails etc.  Then about noon we went down to the port of Ilwaco for a walk along their waterfront.

2011-12-01 12.07.54

The Port of Ilwaco waterfront

The shops along the waterfront consist of art galleries, book and gift stores, and of course a variety of restaurants.  The entire area is maybe four-tenths of a mile long from end to end.  Many of the shops were closed for the season and many of the eateries were only open on the weekend.

2011-12-01 12.06.05

At one of the mooring slots, there is this weird looking barge pictured above.  It almost looks like a small ferry boat with a ramp at one end.  Maybe it carries special equipment of some kind.  Carol noticed it coming into port a few days ago and today we saw where it was moored.

2011-12-01 12.06.16

The Ilwaco Marina area for small boats

There are many small boats in the marina area, most are pleasure craft with a few charter boats thrown in.  Someone really goes to a lot of effort to keep up the docks, decking and streets in the marina area as they look great.  At the far west entrance to the port area, they have this special Christmas Tree.

2011-12-01 12.27.06

This tree is made up of a large stack of crab traps.  Then garlands and lights are streamed down from the top with various buoys used for ornaments. 

Walking around the area there are stacks and stacks of crab traps on pallets.  If you watch Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel, these traps are about 20 percent the size of the ones on the program.  I tried to lift one though and I would say they must weigh close to 200 pounds.  You wouldn’t think a crab trap would need to be that heavy.  Guess some of those crabs caught are strong!

Saturday night they have a lighted boat parade in the marina, and we are planning to go down and check it out.


Donna K said...

What a nice day for a walk along the waterfront. Love that Christmas tree. Interesting info about the crab pots. Have fun and stay warm.

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

nice to hear that you are both enjoying your stay at the beach!!!..great blue sky!!..hard to believe that it is December!!