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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunset at the Beach

2011-11-30 16.27.00

Today we went for a walk along the boardwalk in Long Beach.  The boardwalk is a .4 mile walk each way and is a raised wooden decking that runs through the sand dunes about 100 yards in from the beach.  It is a pleasant walk, but not a very long one.

Since the day dawned clear and calm, we did do that walk first (you never know when the weather here will change!).  Then we went to Hungry Harbor, our favorite lunch place in town.  The nice thing about it is that the food is good and the Wi-Fi is free and works really well.  So we were able to get caught up on internet items.

Once we got back, I installed some new tire pressure sensors on our toad.  The batteries in them only last about 6-7 years, so they were due to be replaced.  I have some on the RV that need replacing too, but won’t do them until I am home and can keep a better eye on them to make sure they don’t lose pressure when first installed.  RV tires are a real challenge for small air compressors and with the larger tires on our new RV, the pressure is really beyond what my portable compressor can handle.

As you can see above, we walked out to watch the sunset.  It was really pretty.  Today is the first time we had a chance to check it out and the weather cooperated!

2011-11-30 16.32.34

Once the sun went totally down, we came back to the RV.   It is going to get cold tonight with the forecasted low of 29.  Tomorrow’s low is 31 then we will warm up into the high 30s at night for the rest of our visit.

I took all these pictures with my cell phone camera and it did a real good job!

2011-11-30 16.32.58

Say goodnight, Dave!

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~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

good night Dave!..great sunset!!