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Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the road again-----finally!

Well, we made it to Seven Feathers Casino RV Park today.  After getting delayed by our water main problem yesterday (see previous blog post), we didn’t get a clean start this morning either.

When I was ready to back the RV out, I wanted to put the back slide out except it would not go out.  Likewise the main slide would not activate either.   Skipping all the gory details, I thought at first it might be a fuse.  Could not find any documentation in the manuals on the location of fuses, so tried to call Fleetwood.  Except it was noon there and they all were at lunch till 1pm (10am here).  So I just checked every fuse I could find and of course, all of them were just fine.  I did eventually find a wire that appeared loose, so I tightened it onto the connector and that was the problem.

So, I backed the RV out to the street so I could hook up the car to be towed and noticed that the steps were not retracting.  Did some troubleshooting and eventually found that the cotter pin used to hold the motor actuator to the step had broken and the plug on the shaft was hanging out.  The cotter pin was about 3 sizes too small, so I put in one that actually fit the hole, lubricated everything, and now it worked just fine.

So we left home at 10:10am.  The 221 mile drive to Seven Feathers was pretty uneventful.  No traffic at all and for the first 80% of the trip there was little rain.  It did start raining for the last part of the trip, mostly showers though.  Also some side winds, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

During the last part of the trip, we listened to Carol’s IPod broadcast through the RV speakers.  She had a good sermon by Art Azurdia from Trinity Church in Portland.

We arrived about 3:00 and there were  six other RV’s checking in.  So we had to wait our turn (about 15 minutes) before being led to our site.  Got everything setup here and later we will be going out to dinner at the Casino.  (Rib eye special for $8.99 – mmmmmm).

Tomorrow we will head to Corning, CA and another casino RV Park at Rolling Hills Casino.  It will probably take 6 hours or so as it is 269 miles.  The weather forecast does not include snow over the mountain passes, so that is good news.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

You guys have a safe trip and enjoy life and have some fun on the way..

Donna K said...

Glad you are finally on the road, and that you were able to fix your problems before departure. You must have been lucky coming through felt like it rained all day. Did you wave as you went by LOL??

Judy and Emma said...

I would have been stymied by those last minute problems. I sure wouldn't know how to fix them. :(