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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Windward Ho!

Yes, the wind has returned!  We went into town for lunch today to one of our favorite spots here in Long Beach, Hungry Harbor.  The present owners took it over 3 years ago and have run it as a family operation.  Today they were in the process of putting up their Christmas decorations including what looks like it will be a large Dickens Village.  We will have to visit there again next week to see the final product.  We also take our laptops there and use their Wi-Fi network.

On the way back, we stopped at a quilting store so Carol could check them out.  While she was in the store, the wind and rain really came on strong.  When she walked out of the store, I think she was really surprised by the storm.

Now the wind has come up even more.  According to our “WeatherBug” app on our phones, the strongest gust so far has been 54mph.  The low trees are still protecting us somewhat though as the RV is not rocking.  I will take the satellite down again tonight though so that it doesn’t rattle all night.

Hopefully, the weather will abate tomorrow and we can do some touring type activities.

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