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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weather…..or not

Last night the weather forecast lived up to its billing.  It was really windy!  According to the WeatherBug app, the top wind gust was 68mph sometime during the night.  Fortunately, again, we were fairly well protected by the low trees and didn’t really feel it much.

This morning dawned rainy but not windy.  I went down to the jetty area where there is good cell signal to get my email and read the online newspaper. While there, I took the picture below

2011-11-23 11.21.15

As you can see, the waves breaking onto the beach are fairly high and there is a lot of large logs tossed up onto the beach from all the storms over the years.

Right now it is neither rainy nor windy, so Carol is going to go to the jetty and get her email and read blogs.  It is the one place in the park where we get good 3G cell signal and can linkup to our laptops and get on the net.

Later we will probably go for a walk if the rain holds off.  We may get a chance to go to the beach and see the waves too.  If so, I will try for more pictures.  I can actually see a patch of blue sky, so that augers well.

Tomorrow the wind forecast is for back up in the 50s.  Since we have to cross the 3.5 mile long Astoria bridge, that should be interesting!

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Russ Krecklow said...

Stay off the big logs, and don't turn your back to the ocean. You know the I'm certain we don't have to worry about you being swept away. Those storms are fierce, aren't they? I think that's one of the reasons that we ended up with so many "Devil's" this and that on the Oregon Coast. Imagine being out there in one of those wooden sailing ships!