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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sun, Wind, Rain

On Saturday, we had some “milder” weather.  Yes, it was still raining off and on, and yes, it was still windy, but more of a breeze than a zephyr!  We drove into town and went to the Ilwaco Library to see about using their internet.  Last time we visited the library it was in a small, cramped, temporary location as the building was being remodeled.

Well, the new and improved library is open and it is a real asset to the community.  They really made it a nice facility.  They allow you to use their Wi-Fi free with your own computer or you can reserve one of theirs for an hour at a time.  They even provide plugs so you can connect to AC power.

So, we stayed there an hour or so.  Friday evening I used my phone to get updates on the Camas semi-final football game (they lost).  And Saturday night I did the same for Skyview’s semi-final (they won!)

During the early morning hours, the wind really picked up and we had the most wind and rain we had seen to date.

Then Sunday afternoon I watched my Raiders beat Chicago and stay in first place in their division.  It wasn’t a pretty victory, but good teams have to learn to win ugly.  That seems to be the norm for the Raiders and the uglier the better, I guess.

Today,it is sunny and  we drove back to the library even though it is closed.  You can sit in the parking lot and still get the Wi-Fi signal which worked great.  Then after some shopping errands,it was back to the RV for some tasks. 

The main task was to install an add-on device for one of our Direct TV DVR’s that will allow it to pick up on-air signals in any location.  Got that done and can’t wait to try it when we get somewhere that has that type of signal.

We went for a walk afterwards.  We had originally planned to go along the beach.  But as you can see, an obstacle blocked our path.

2011-11-28 15.01.51

Last year this boat was about 20 feet inland.  This year, there have been some real storms and the boat was freed by the waves and moved down to the beach and in position to block the access.  According to the camp host, this happened on Thanksgiving Day.

2011-11-28 15.02.03

As you can see, we had good weather today.  This is a view up the beach toward North Head Lighthouse.

2011-11-28 15.02.32

Here you can see that the water is really up high and the tide is in.  So even if the boat wasn’t blocking the way, there would be no place to walk and stay dry!

2011-11-28 15.03.38

I managed to catch some of the local wildlife in a picture.  Here is the rarely seen homo photographus female, now on the not-so-dangerous species list.

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Judy and Emma said...

Guess I won't be flying out there to get a glimpse of that not-so-rare bird. :)