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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wet, Windy & Wild

Saturday my football season ended.  I had a 3rd round quarter final game up in Centralia to referee and that one ended my season for this year.  I worked 8 semi pro games in Spring & Summer and about 35 high school, middle school and youth league games this fall with 13 of them being varsity contests and 3 playoff games.  Not a bad season, if you excuse the one JV game where I was tripped and fell.  3 years ago I did a season with 75 games but at age 63, those days are behind me.

This morning we left home for Cape Disappointment, our favorite destination.  The forecast was for rain and wind, but while there were periods of rain, the wind wasn’t a factor.  Best part, both for loading and hooking up at home and for setting up here at the park, it wasn’t raining.  I was even able to give the car a good wash as it really needed it from all the road grime.

However, soon after we arrived the wind picked up.  The ranger that checked Carol in said it would be 40mph or so with gusts to 80.  We haven’t really seen anything that strong yet, though it is supposed to intensify during the night.

Our site is somewhat protected by some nearby trees so hopefully we will be sheltered from the worst of it.  But you can really hear it howling outside and there have been some heavy showers.

I watched New England decimate Kansas City on Monday Night Football.  This helps my Raiders and they now have a 2 game lead over KC and San Diego.  After watching, I put the Satellite dish down in case we really do get the 80mph gusts.

I am able to get some very limited internet using my cell phone and range expander.  It is weak and extremely slow, but for email and simple browsing, it works OK.

Will update more tomorrow when I know what is going on with the weather and our plans for the day.


Donna K said...

Sure hope you made it through the night unscathed. If those winds made it to 80 mph I think I would be afraid to be surrounded by trees. Hope the weather clears up while you are there but otherwise just hunker down and relax. You've earned it.

John Bardin said...

In today's issue of the Columbian, there was a mention of your weather, so Verleen and I were concerned about you guys. It was good to hear you may have missed the worst stuff.
We are enjoying my Mother and I will be BBQin' pork-chops here in a few minutes. You guys stay safe and I look forward to future stories/pics.

What no golf today!

John Bardin