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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sun, Wind, Rain

On Saturday, we had some “milder” weather.  Yes, it was still raining off and on, and yes, it was still windy, but more of a breeze than a zephyr!  We drove into town and went to the Ilwaco Library to see about using their internet.  Last time we visited the library it was in a small, cramped, temporary location as the building was being remodeled.

Well, the new and improved library is open and it is a real asset to the community.  They really made it a nice facility.  They allow you to use their Wi-Fi free with your own computer or you can reserve one of theirs for an hour at a time.  They even provide plugs so you can connect to AC power.

So, we stayed there an hour or so.  Friday evening I used my phone to get updates on the Camas semi-final football game (they lost).  And Saturday night I did the same for Skyview’s semi-final (they won!)

During the early morning hours, the wind really picked up and we had the most wind and rain we had seen to date.

Then Sunday afternoon I watched my Raiders beat Chicago and stay in first place in their division.  It wasn’t a pretty victory, but good teams have to learn to win ugly.  That seems to be the norm for the Raiders and the uglier the better, I guess.

Today,it is sunny and  we drove back to the library even though it is closed.  You can sit in the parking lot and still get the Wi-Fi signal which worked great.  Then after some shopping errands,it was back to the RV for some tasks. 

The main task was to install an add-on device for one of our Direct TV DVR’s that will allow it to pick up on-air signals in any location.  Got that done and can’t wait to try it when we get somewhere that has that type of signal.

We went for a walk afterwards.  We had originally planned to go along the beach.  But as you can see, an obstacle blocked our path.

2011-11-28 15.01.51

Last year this boat was about 20 feet inland.  This year, there have been some real storms and the boat was freed by the waves and moved down to the beach and in position to block the access.  According to the camp host, this happened on Thanksgiving Day.

2011-11-28 15.02.03

As you can see, we had good weather today.  This is a view up the beach toward North Head Lighthouse.

2011-11-28 15.02.32

Here you can see that the water is really up high and the tide is in.  So even if the boat wasn’t blocking the way, there would be no place to walk and stay dry!

2011-11-28 15.03.38

I managed to catch some of the local wildlife in a picture.  Here is the rarely seen homo photographus female, now on the not-so-dangerous species list.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We had planned to move to Astoria today because this park (Cape Disappointment) was going to be full over the weekend.  However with all the wind and rain we had, Carol thought maybe someone would cancel.  Sure enough, site 7 opened up and for the full length of our stay. (Till Dec 5).  So we decided to move to that site yesterday and just stay here.

The weather forecast for today was for very high winds.  We did have them through the night and until about noon or so.  It would have been hard to drive the RV across the Astoria bridge with a 45 mph crosswind, so I was just as glad to stay.  Even if it means little or no cell and internet from the RV.

Tomorrow I will put my cell booster antenna on the roof and see if it makes any difference.  We can get emails, just not very fast.  Phone calls are really iffy too.  So maybe the external antenna will help some.

We are also planning on driving to Seaside so Carol can go to a craft fair.  We will just make a day of it.  Hopefully the weather will be somewhat cooperative.

I watched some football games today and, as usual, teams I root for lost.  I was all for the Lions and they were clobbered.  Likewise rooted for the 49ers but their offensive line could not protect the QB and their defensive line could not put any pressure on the QB.  That’s a sure recipe for a loss and sure enough, that’s what happened.  Oh well, Camas plays in the 3A Washington State semi finals tomorrow night and Skyview plays in the 4A on Saturday.  My friend John Bardin is the back judge in that game so I will try to track it on the phone as best I can.

And Sunday the Raiders play the Bears.  That may be a closer game than many expect and the Raiders may have their hands full.  (hope not).

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weather…..or not

Last night the weather forecast lived up to its billing.  It was really windy!  According to the WeatherBug app, the top wind gust was 68mph sometime during the night.  Fortunately, again, we were fairly well protected by the low trees and didn’t really feel it much.

This morning dawned rainy but not windy.  I went down to the jetty area where there is good cell signal to get my email and read the online newspaper. While there, I took the picture below

2011-11-23 11.21.15

As you can see, the waves breaking onto the beach are fairly high and there is a lot of large logs tossed up onto the beach from all the storms over the years.

Right now it is neither rainy nor windy, so Carol is going to go to the jetty and get her email and read blogs.  It is the one place in the park where we get good 3G cell signal and can linkup to our laptops and get on the net.

Later we will probably go for a walk if the rain holds off.  We may get a chance to go to the beach and see the waves too.  If so, I will try for more pictures.  I can actually see a patch of blue sky, so that augers well.

Tomorrow the wind forecast is for back up in the 50s.  Since we have to cross the 3.5 mile long Astoria bridge, that should be interesting!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Windward Ho!

Yes, the wind has returned!  We went into town for lunch today to one of our favorite spots here in Long Beach, Hungry Harbor.  The present owners took it over 3 years ago and have run it as a family operation.  Today they were in the process of putting up their Christmas decorations including what looks like it will be a large Dickens Village.  We will have to visit there again next week to see the final product.  We also take our laptops there and use their Wi-Fi network.

On the way back, we stopped at a quilting store so Carol could check them out.  While she was in the store, the wind and rain really came on strong.  When she walked out of the store, I think she was really surprised by the storm.

Now the wind has come up even more.  According to our “WeatherBug” app on our phones, the strongest gust so far has been 54mph.  The low trees are still protecting us somewhat though as the RV is not rocking.  I will take the satellite down again tonight though so that it doesn’t rattle all night.

Hopefully, the weather will abate tomorrow and we can do some touring type activities.

That was the night that wasn’t

Last night the winds were supposed to be gusting up to 80 miles an hour.  Well, maybe they did and maybe they didn’t.  If it did, we sure didn’t feel it.  During the night you could hear it blowing through the high trees, but the low ones by us must have protected us from the majority of it.  Usually in winds over 40mph, we can feel the RV rock some and the slide toppers flap a bit.  But that didn’t happen, so I guess all is well.  There is no wind this morning though.

On the other hand there were some very heavy and lengthy showers during the night.  That really makes a noise on the RV roof so you really know when it happens.  This morning though, just periods of gentle rain showers.  Much more milder.

Internet here is very poor over a very weak cell signal, so no pictures until we get better signal.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wet, Windy & Wild

Saturday my football season ended.  I had a 3rd round quarter final game up in Centralia to referee and that one ended my season for this year.  I worked 8 semi pro games in Spring & Summer and about 35 high school, middle school and youth league games this fall with 13 of them being varsity contests and 3 playoff games.  Not a bad season, if you excuse the one JV game where I was tripped and fell.  3 years ago I did a season with 75 games but at age 63, those days are behind me.

This morning we left home for Cape Disappointment, our favorite destination.  The forecast was for rain and wind, but while there were periods of rain, the wind wasn’t a factor.  Best part, both for loading and hooking up at home and for setting up here at the park, it wasn’t raining.  I was even able to give the car a good wash as it really needed it from all the road grime.

However, soon after we arrived the wind picked up.  The ranger that checked Carol in said it would be 40mph or so with gusts to 80.  We haven’t really seen anything that strong yet, though it is supposed to intensify during the night.

Our site is somewhat protected by some nearby trees so hopefully we will be sheltered from the worst of it.  But you can really hear it howling outside and there have been some heavy showers.

I watched New England decimate Kansas City on Monday Night Football.  This helps my Raiders and they now have a 2 game lead over KC and San Diego.  After watching, I put the Satellite dish down in case we really do get the 80mph gusts.

I am able to get some very limited internet using my cell phone and range expander.  It is weak and extremely slow, but for email and simple browsing, it works OK.

Will update more tomorrow when I know what is going on with the weather and our plans for the day.