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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All’s Fair in……..Redmond?

Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because we were so busy.  We started the day out with another 8 mile bike ride, this time around the fairgrounds adjacent to the RV park.  With the fair only 2 days away, there was a lot of activity.

Many, many, RV’s are parked on the fairgrounds with no hookups.  These are for the exhibitors (mostly animal exhibitors, I think) and there are a couple of hundred of them.  However, they really need a parking marshal to get them lined up.  They are parked every which way and are wasting a lot of space.

After breakfast we drove back to Lake Billy Chinook.  We wanted to see how much further the road went and what the RV park and day use areas further on were like.

I think we were disappointed in the RV park and day use areas.  For the most part, they were not near the water and were not level at all.  We continued to follow the road which went across a one-lane bridge  and then up some very tight turns (can you say Lombard St, SF?) and over the top of a cliff.  Eventually the road just ends.  There is a market here, but I have no idea how the delivery trucks can make the climb.

On the way back we stopped at Smith Rock.  This is a really neat area of rock formations.

2011-08-02 12.49.44

This is the westernmost formation in the area.

2011-08-02 12.49.57
This one almost looks like it has a face on it.

2011-08-02 12.55.27

A wall across the valley.

On the way home, we drove through Redmond on Business 97 and stopped at a used bookstore.  I am on the hunt for books by WEB Griffin (he writes military/political thrillers).  I already have about 20 of his books but was short about 18 more.  We found 8 in the bookstore so I am getting closer to owning a full set.

Once home, I decided to play a round of golf at the course next door to the park.  Juniper is a championship course and doesn’t look all that hard.  That’s why I started with a quadruple bogey, followed by a triple bogey, and one hole later, another quadruple bogey.  Lost 4 balls in the process.  I blame it on the 24mph wind that we had.  No way could it have been the skill of the golfer!


Pretending to line up a putt while in deep prayer!

The course is really nice though and after about 5-6 holes I started getting it together.  Ended up with a 53 for the front 9, which is pathetic but meant the only way from there was to get better.


Birdie opportunity on 13 (rimmed the putt)


Birdie opportunity on 16 – converted!

On the back nine, Carol joined me and rode in the cart.  My luck really changed.  I shot a 40 and had a birdie and nothing worse than single bogeys on the back 9 holes.  Had two more birdie chances, both long and both putts just missed.  I did discover a problem in my putting on the front 9 and it really showed in the back nine.  Many single putts, or doubles and no three-putts there.

I’m playing in a tournament with friends on Friday and I hope I can just keep playing like I did on the back nine.

After golf, we drove to Bend to pick up a storage card for Carol’s camera and go out to dinner.  We ate at McMenamin’s St. Francis School.  Carol probably has pics on her blog (or will have soon).

This morning we drove to Sisters, about 30 minutes away.  Had a nice breakfast there and then walked around town a bit.  Found 4 more of my WEB Griffin books.  After checking out the town RV park, we came back to the RV and had lunch and rested.

Tonight we are planning to go to the Fair next door.  There is a gate we can use that will put is right into the fair area after a short walk.  So we won’t have any parking hassles to mess with.  Then tomorrow, we head for home.  We will be home for a week, and then out on the road again, this time northward to attend a wedding.


Luci & Loree said...

Actually u can drive from 'The Cove' across both bridges, the school bus has to back up to get around those corners on the far side, and go all the way to Sisters through the back country. It is pretty dry and dusty and gravel most of the way. Got a really good cracked windshield on one memorable trip :).

Donna K said...

You two certainly stay busy! Looks like you had a good time golfing, even if you did have to spend a bit of time on your knees. Have fun at the fair and travel safe.