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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round

Yesterday, we went for a bike ride in Glacier NP.  We rode around on the trails for 6.1 miles.  The weather was great and the ride went well.  We did have problems with one of our batteries as it was discharged.  If the battery switch is on, somehow it loses charge.  Theoretically, you need a load to discharge it with and I can’t find one, but it discharged anyway.  So Carol & I shared the one good battery for our hilltoppers.

Last night we went back into the park about 6pm and took our grill and barbequed some hot dogs to celebrate the 4th of July.  We used the picnic area in the Apgar area and had a great site just about 50 feet  from the lakeshore.  After eating, we took our fold up chairs down by the lakeside and sat on the shore for awhile.

2011-07-04 19.05.00

View from where we sat by the lake.

Today we did another bike ride (10.1 miles) covering some of the same trails and more.  It was getting warm out by then so we came back to the RV for lunch.  Later this evening we will celebrate our last night here by going out to dinner.

Tomorrow we head down Highway 2 all the way to about 15 miles north of Spokane.  It will be a total of 263 miles and during the trip we will go through Sandpoint, ID, a location we visited back in the late 90’s.  We will also return to Pacific time, so we will pick up an extra hour too.

Temps will be right about 90 or maybe slightly higher.  So we will be glad that we have air conditioning!

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