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Saturday, July 30, 2011

That Stinky Smell of Fire

We started today with a 7 mile bike ride around Eagle Crest Resort.  There are at least two golf courses at the resort and plenty of bike & walking trails.  We wanted to get out before it got too hot and by the time we were done, it was getting warm.

The trails are all paved, but with a lot of hills.  Thank God for our Hilltoppers.  Even so, when we were done, we were both tired and hot.

We came back to the RV and had lunch.  After lunch we had planned to do more exploring, but……..

We smelled something that had the odor of an electrical smell.  Looked all over and could not be sure what it was.  Originally we thought it was one of the AC units, but that didn’t appear to be it.  After a bit more time, I decided to call a mobile RV service to come out and see what they could find.

Good thing we did.  The problem was not the air conditioners at all, but the transfer switch.  One of the relays had a connection that was arcing and melting the wires.  You could even see where the insulation had charred.

Unfortunately, the relay contacts were melted/charred and we need a new relay.  Temporarily, Bill, the repair person, bypassed the transfer switch with a direct connection.  He hopes to order the part on Monday and have it by Wednesday to install.  More on that as we get news.

So we didn’t go anywhere this afternoon.  Instead we had an unexpected visitor.  A fellow blogger, Loree, lives in the local area and contacted Carol about getting together.  She was able to come and spend a few hours visiting with us.  She brought her companion Lucy, her pet Dachshund.  We spent the visit out in the shade because Bill was working on the RV and the power was off and with a 92 degree temp, the RV got really warm.

Really enjoyed meeting another blogger.  We feel that, after reading each other’s blogs for so long, that when we finally meet, it is like getting together with long-time friends.  I really encourage those bloggers out there to take the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers when you can. 


Donna K said...

How scary for you! So glad the problem was found before a fire developed.

I wondered if you might get the chance to meet Loree. How fun for all of you.

Sue and Doug said...

glad you solved the stinky smell issue!..hope it will all be fixed and as good as new soon!!